Thursday, September 13, 2007

The agents of the 'enemy' -How much more brazen can Yasin Malik get while GoI warms up to him

The Official website of J&K Govt says" JKLF militnats gunned down 4 IAF men near Rawalpora, Srinagar in Jan. 1990".

Rediff says - in its report the following

The agents of the 'enemy'

Srinagar. January 25, 1990 Squadron Leader Ravi Khanna's misfortune was that he was in uniform.
That winter morning nine years ago, he and his colleagues were waiting near the Rawalpura bus stand. An Indian Air Force bus was to reach them to the airport.
At around 0730 hours a Maruti Gypsy and a two-wheeler carrying four to five Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front militants drew up. The next thing that Khanna knew was bullets pumping into his body. That was the last thing he knew. Around him 13 more fell. Three of them dead, 10 were injured. Hardly 50 yards away was a Jammu and Kashmir police picket, manned by a head constable and seven subordinates. Their eight .303 rifles remained silent as the militants finished emptying their weapons and, taking a clockwise circuit of the roundabout ahead, vanished unhurriedly into Srinagar's numerous back lanes.
Even after he gave up the gun, JKLF leader Yasin Malik was to defend the killings: The IAF personnel were not innocent victims. They were the agents of the 'enemy'.

Monday, September 10, 2007

A storm is taking shape...people take to streets against dreaded militant

More than 200 activists assembled under the banner of "Roots in Kashmir" and demanded justice for the victims of Bitta Karate.Among the protestors were relatives of those who were mercilessly killed by this dreaded remorseless serial killer.RIK resolves to bring Bitta Karate to justice.A merciless,killer should go to his rightful place.Of course the courts can decide what that is.But let the prosecution first make a chargesheet,something they have failed to do for 17 long years.As Bitta roams free we as ordinary citizens of this nation feel ashamed of our criminal justice delivery system.

In hope that Satish Tiku will get justice and the ordinary citizens of this nation will feel secure.

Dainik Jagran
The Hindu

The Hindustan Times

Rashtriya Sahara

The Asian Age



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Sunday, September 9, 2007

"MILLITANTS" turn jittery after RIK Expose : Clash with Police

24 JKLF (R) men arrested, 5 injured in police action

Srinagar, Sep 7: Separatists in Kashmir on Friday demanded the release of political prisoners and accused New Delhi of trying to create a wedge between majority Muslims and minority Hindus in the State.

A breakaway faction of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) held a rally in Srinagar to demand the release of political prisoner Farooq Ahmad alias Bitta Karate and others.

The JKLF has for long been demanding release of political detainees and hundreds of others, who, they say, are innocent and arrested on flimsy charges."They have been proven innocent by the court and have been acquitted in all cases. Still in a conspiracy they are trying to create a rift between the Kashmiri Pandits and the Muslims," said Mohammad Salem, the Chairman of the JKLF's breakaway faction. The police later arrested several protestors including Bitta Karate.
Source: Greater Kashmir, Kashmir Times and Daily India

RIK has just begun and has exposed one terrorist Bitta Karate. The above article speaks best of their frustration as they are being exposed. This clash with police comes a day after RIK exposed BITTA KARATE on a national news channel.
...Truth and Justice will prevail...!!!