Sunday, June 17, 2012

Silent Sit-in-World Refugee Day

As years pass by and our memories of our land and our sacred connection to it fades in the haze of the exile, a day comes by as a reminder of all that we were and we had to leave.20th June ,The World Refugee Day comes as reminder of our existence as refugees and sadly in... our country, as refugees whose ethnic cleansing this nation and the world at large has paid little heed to.

As we commemorate this day,we remember all this we were lost to the bullets of fanatics,all those who couldn’t survive the horrible concentration camps in which we were asked to live,all those who perished in exile.We will also remember our vandalised and burnt homes and desecrated and revered places of worship.

This day may be a day of recollection and reverence but at the same time a day of resolve that we will return to where we belong,we will keep seeking justice no matter how unjust the Indian State may have been to us,that we will live to tell our story to the world and that we will reclaim what is rightfully ours.

We will all assemble at Jantar Mantar at 3 PM on the 20th June, Wednesday in a silent sit in.

Walking distance from - Patel Chowk metro station

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