Tuesday, January 12, 2010

For Peace keep killers and Rapists away

 Mid Day

At the outset I would like to clarify that we are all for peace and would naturally support any peace initiative. We are fully aware of the fact that unless there is peace between India and Pakistan there is no way that peace can return to Kashmir.

But then who can bring peace is a question that needs to be asked and answered. Do we buy peace at any cost ie by bringing on stage the killers of yesteryears and doing “piece-deals” with them. Needless to say that such steps are a sure recipe for more violence. Here we have a man who has 23 criminal cases including rape, murder and kidnapping pending against him. He has accepted on tape killing 4 unarmed IAF officers calling them “agents of the enemy”. He appears for summons in Rubaiya Sayeed kidnapping cases even today. Apart from that he is involved in killing of Lassa Kaul,Mushir-ul-Haq,Dooraiswamy and others.I haven’t even mentioned the gruesome raping and killing of Sarla Bhat.And thankfully for him the CBI hasnt even filed a chargesheet in 19 years.In case any newspaper or any TV channel needs proof I have it all.

We disagree with the policy of separatists which is essentially one of Pan-Islamic expansion. Having said that has anyone ever seen us protesting against a Sajjad Lone,a Mirwaiz , a Ghani Butt or even Syed Ali Shah Geelani? Everyone has a right to speak but are we to be lectured by killers and rapists on peace? Wouldn’t it all be a big farce?

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I ask the organisers of such peace events as to why they cannot anybody else in Kashmir to speak on Peace. If peace is to endure then members of civil society have to be stake holders. What is wrong with inviting a Rehman Rahee, a Rafik Raaz, Mohd Shafi Khan, Shafi Shauq or a Hassan. Haven’t heard of them? I presumed so. They are leading poets and sculptors of Kashmir. Incase you have aversion to them also please invite anyone but people like Yasin Malik,Bitta Karate or a Javed Nalqa. Sorry but our catholicity still hasn’t reached that of Jesus. We cannot forget how they selectively killed our community members and had us leave our homes.

It is for the organisers read the Indian Civil Society to ensure that there is a line that needs to be drawn as to who should represent Kashmiris. Should it be a man who has blood on his hands or a man who really means peace?

While the press has said what we did no one reported that the “Peace Activists” pushed us and abused us. They tore our material and threw it on our faces but then what else do you expect from people who host Yasin Malik.


To cut a long story short, the world needs to take notice of our ethnic cleansing. The media which normally shows a lot of urgency in cases “where gross violation of justice” has been done needs to take up the issue that not even one person has been convicted for killing of Kashmiri Pandits.Not even one.I feel like shouting my lungs off that the media barons could hear me. NOT EVEN ONE.

 Daily Hamara Samaj (Urdu)

20 years hence my house lies burnt, my deities defaced, my community displaced and disparaged and I am to hear Yasin Malik. Tell me Arnab Goswami if my method is wrong what is the right method. Help me get peace and I will follow your method. Bring me back my home and my childhood that I lost waiting in a queue outside a toilet in a refugee camp because the Government could provide only one for 100 Pandits.

PS: Thanks nonetheless for carrying the news, Arnab.

Times Now Video Link -  http://www.timesnow.tv/India/Separatist-leader-Yasin-Malik-heckled/videoshow/4336085.cms

Punjab Kesri