Monday, September 29, 2008

Kashmiri Pandits protest outside UN office at New York

Friday September 26, 2008 was a great day for the Global KP community. KPs from NY State, Connecticut and New Jersey , under the banner of IAKF(Indo American Kashmir Forum), participated in a rally outside the United Nations. We exceeded our quota of 20 to 25 people that the police had restricted us to and ended up having 30 people. The group was a diverse one and represented spouses whose husbands were working, CEOs, Representatives from Wall Street, Faculty members, Doctors, Managers, 2 Movie producers, attorneys and other members of the elite KP intelligentsia. The Protestors braved the rain and shouted slogans denouncing Islamic Terrorism.They submitted a memorandum to the UN Gen.Secretary Ban ki Moon.
This is a wake up call to those murders who thought they had driven us out and hence finished the opposition against the Talibanization of Kashmir.They must remember that each displaced child is letting the world know how Islamists ruined Kashmir,killed and raped,desecrated and destroyed.
It is a shame that the Government of India is still not standing up to the Islamic terrorists.They are letting them loose in Kashmir.Otherwise what explains Syed Ali Shah Geelani,Yasin Malik,Mirwaiz or even Mehbooba roaming free and spreading more venom.
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