Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hurriyat behind the Ajmer Blasts? (A TOI Report)

Ajmer blast trail leads to Hurriyat

NEW DELHI: Security agencies are questioning Hurriyat leader G M Bhat, an associate of hardline separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani, and two of his accomplices in connection with the recent Ajmer blast. Cops have gathered vital details of Bhat’s links with the terror network in Pakistan and the Middle East. Sources said strong pointers to the Hurriyat leader’s links with terror fund managers have emerged after raids were carried out on his residences in Delhi and Srinagar.
The interrogation of his aides, Jamali Khan and Danish Anwar, who were apprehended in Udhampur on Sunday while ferrying a consignment of Rs 50 lakh to the Valley from Delhi, have strengthened these suspicions. Bhat has already served two years for hawala operations. He had been caught with Rs 10 lakh received through the extensive hawala network that serves the secessionists in the Valley. Bhat is a member of the Geelani faction of the Hurriyat Conference and is considered as the closest aide of the separatist leader. Jamali and Anwar had worked together in the Ajmer branch of the Bombay Mercantile Bank. Anwar still works as a peon at the bank while Jamali was its branch manager till 2002, when he shifted base to Delhi and started operating as a hawala dealer. Both hail from UP.

The Deobandi connection of the duo is also being probed as Jamali belongs to Deoband in Saharanpur where the religious seminary is headquartered. Anwar is from neighbouring Bijnour district. Investigaters suspect the two were initiated into the jihadi network early in life and may have connections with terror modules in western UP and in other parts of the country.

(Even Yasin Malik has several Hawala cases pending against him)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Poetic Justice

Aenem Soy vavem sooy lagem soy panesey...
(I brought seeds of poision ivy,sowed them,it got around only to devour me)

In our last post titled”The New Paradigms” we had mentioned how Geelani was punched in his own backyard by the very people whom the media fondly calls”moderate separatists”.It was probably an indication of what was to come from some other moderates around us.

Gen Musharraf an avid supporter of “freedom movements” from Chechyna to Plaestine to Kashmir is busy quelling “terrorists and extremists”in his own nation.The new Kamal Attaturk is leaving no stone unturned in crushing every voice of extremism,be it Asma Jehangir or Aitzaz Ahsan. Every institution or individual who he sees as a threat to “enlightened moderation” is already rendered powerless. He wont rest until his version of enlightened moderation illuminates the Pakistan.In order to fulfil the divine dream of the Quaid he has even let off 29 misguided Talibs in Exchange for 200 odd demoralised and kidnapped Pakistani troops. Pakistan is so much in news for all the wrong reasons. So for us to add any news would only be a repetition.

As pandemonium looms large in Pakistan , the ivy poison has assumed the form of snake which is in the process of devouring the very masters who sowed its seeds.
Poetic Justice,we presume.