Friday, September 23, 2011

Not until Justice is Done......

The Government of Jammu and Kashmir is trying every trick in the book to somehow get Kashmiri Pandits back to Kashmir.It would be a welcome gesture if it would not have been wicked.An year before the government announced that it would give jobs to Kashmiri Pandits who wish to return.The applicants were asked to fill a discriminatory bond saying that they are prepared to work in Kashmir under all circumstances and if they dont then their jobs stand annuled.

The Government also formed a committee of its hand picked people who would,I bet you would laugh,represent Kashmiri Pandits.Since most of the people on this commiitee were people of doubtful credibility with no popularity or mandate from the community we all knew where it would head.A group of yes men and some women too was thus formed to facilitate our return to valley.Basically what it meant was that some bread crumbs would be thrown at Pandits and from their concentration camps they would be flown to the idyllic valley.

A slew of measures was also announced.We would be given jobs,money to build houses,a transit camp to live but no justice.We would have to live alongside the same people who raped our women,killed our brothers and sisters,burnt our houses,razed and desecrated our temples.Unsursprisingly the so called Apex Committee concurred ,well not only concurred but even suggested that there is an urgent need for intercommunity dialogue between whom,i bet you will laugh again,between the predator and the prey.One has to be brain dead to even believe that a man whose brother or sister has been killed by a Yasin Malik will go back and live in the next lane in Maisuma where this monster Malik lives.

But since these Apex Committee members were simply his/her masters voice there was little else they could have done but agreed to wilfully let the community be exposed to pack of wolves.

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that the Pandits will go back to Kashmir but is this how it will happen.What happened to the good old adage that there can be no development unless justice is dispensed?Needless to say that the dummies or figurative heads that Government nominated to the Apex Committee do not represent us.Let it be known that most of the names are not even familiar to Pandits or some of them are so hated in the community that they are simply the agents of the enemy.

Roots in Kashmir is the voice of the young Kashmiri Pandits and the young Pandits want to return to their motherland but not until government acts against the people who killed and raped Pandits.If Omar Abdullah and his tin men the Apex Committee members believe that by throwing bread crumbs at us they will make us follow them then it is time they smell the coffee.