Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hurriyat Truth Tapes

#ITFBlive Following the India Today Expose, the case against #BittaKarate has been reopened and he has been taken to an undisclosed location for questioning by NIA #HurriyatTruthTapes


Thursday, March 9, 2017

It pays to be a separatist in Kashmir

The recent exposé of Syed Ali Shah Geelani's grandson getting a plum posting has once again exposed the working of an unimaginative,  thoughtless government in handling the Kashmir issue.

Over the years, it has become abduntaly clear that none of governments irrespective of the party they belong to have any vision, strategy or plan to resolve the Kashmir imbroglio. They have no expert for this conundrum.

There was a hope that with Modi government in centre and BJP in power in Jammu & Kashmir, there will be atleast  a clear thought process on the way forward.

But unfortunately, the BJP has continued with the policy that has plagued the Indian system for too long. The lack of vision and misconceived notions of Sangh Parivar (who is quite active in Kashmir issue) have taken situation from bad to worse.

The first thing that was expected out of Indian state after the new government took over was to stop extending favours to separatists in hope of winning them over. Second was to weed out the pro-seperatists government officials, act against them and atleast ensure that they are given postings that are insignificant, with very limited influence. Third, but very important was to keep heat on the seperatists by ensuring that legal cases against them are taken to their logical conclussion. And last but most important was to have people who are loyal to the state and government in key administrative positions.

All these basic principles has been grossly violated in J&K and today the whole nation is paying the price of this folly.

From offering MBBS seat to Syed Salauddin's son in early 90's to helping Asiya Andrabi's son get admission in Malaysia, to offering VIP treatments to anti-India rabble rousers, to the recent incident of giving a government job to Geelani's grandson, all show the government assumes their acts of foolishness as magnanimity.

It does not require even commonsense to see that the key postings in the Kashmir valley across government departments from judiciary to police department to horticulture to key educational institutions are with people who are seperatist sympathisers. Last year a senior police officer heading a very crucial post in South Kashmir was believed to have acted as a broker in a dispute that erupted between Abu Dujan of L.e.T and now dead Burhan Wani, who was then the head of Hizbul Mujahedeen in Kashmir. If sources are to be believed, even the death of Burhan Wani was not a chance encounter, but an attempt by a senior police officer to please his political bosses to consider him for the top role in his department. A DSP, who is now on deputation to another department was hired by Mufti government inspite of being a former deserter. He was supposedly hired on a recommendation of a well known separatist leader. By turning a blind eye to the background of these employees while recruiting and posting them on important postings after giving them a job – the field is left open for the anti-India elements in J&K to create an entire ecosystem that takes salary from government but works for seperatists.

Indian state over the years have always acted in a way that has always put the well wishers of Indian state or for that matter, people who supported Indian state for whatever reasons including personal or materialistic gains at risk. Ikhwanis, who almost wiped out the militancy in Kashmir (their approach and creation can be debated) were exposed and given almost as gift to be killed by ISI backed terrorists. Kashmiri Pandits, who have always been Indians from the core of their heart, enjoying tremendous respect (even by their adversaries) for their sincerity towards work have been denied job opportunities in Kashmir or sidelined when it comes to key positions in the state machinery. Even non Kashmiri speaking muslims, who form a sizeable population of the state and are largely seen as pro-India have been ignored and discriminated. All policies in Jammu & Kashmir are planned in such way that they are favourable to valley residents, especially to seperatist sympathizing population.

Multiple cases against terrorists and seperatist leaders are lingering in courts for decades. From henious crimes like murders, assassinations, rapes, to cases like sedition, hawala, assault on law officers have seen no closure. People like Yasin Malik, Bitta Karate, Syed Ali Shah Geelani and many others have virtually no fear of the law. In 2006, the TADA designated judge Mr.Wani while giving his judgement on releasing Bitta Karate said the following "The court is aware of the fact that the allegations levelled against the accused are of serious nature and carry a punishment of death sentence or life imprisonment but the fact is that the prosecution has shown total disinterest in arguing the case, which is in complete violation of Article 21 of the Constitution." Even after 27 years, there has been no progress in the case against Yasin Malik on the charges of killing 5 Airforce officers. Law in Kashmir today is not a deterrent but a great motivator, as it gives instant fame without any fear of punishment.

It is time that Indian state comes out of the delusian they can purchase peace. Because peace is not in the intrest of the people they  buy up from. For them conflict means money. The message in Kashmir is clear; if you want incentives
join the chorus "Hum kya chahte azadi"


Saturday, February 25, 2017

Open letter to Shehla Rashid from a Kashmiri Hindu

Shehla Rashid,

I am Aditya Tikoo. It was the morning of 19th January 1990. I (then 5) was playing with my mother on the bed. She was 7 months pregnant. She took me in her lap and asked – “what do you want – baby brother or sister?”. “Brother” – I replied. She kissed my forehead and held her hand on my head in affection.

Suddenly we heard a noise outside. It was some mob that was nearing our house. It kept getting noisy with each moment. My father who had gone outside rushed into the house and came to our room. I saw his eyes full of fear for the first time. He was a school master in Srinagar. “They are coming”, he said.

I felt my mother’s grip around me was tightened suddenly. I looked at her face. She fainted. I asked, what happened? She almost cried, said- nothing Bachcha. She covered me with her shawl. I could clearly hear her heartbeats as my ears were pushed against her. Her heart was beating abnormally. I could not see her face now. It was all dark inside. But now I could realise, she was wiping her tears.

The procession was now outside our locality which had 7-8 Hindu homes. Someone from the mob shouted – “Thats the master’s house”. And then started the announcement from the nearby mosques – “Asi gachchi Pakistan, Batao roas te Batanev san” (we want to become Pakistan with Hindu women not with their men). It was announced by the mob. All men must leave valley leaving behind their women. Some of them kicked the gate and pelted stones at the window. We were terrified. I was in mother’s arms. Who was shivering. Carrying three hearts. Two within, one in arms.

Mosques started making announcements after announcements. It was a recorded cassette with Islamic songs warning the idolaters. To free Kashmir from Kufra. Azadi ka matlab kya La ilaah illillaah.

Few minutes later, 3-4 males from the locality knocked the door. My father opened it in fear. They were Hindu neighbours. Came to inform we are leaving in 2 hours. They have gone mad. They won’t listen to us. They won’t let us live anymore. This is our last day in valley.

While they were discussing how to flee, those words of mob – Asi gachchi Pakistan, Batao roas te Batanev san were playing in my mind endlessly. I only knew a woman in my life. She was my mother. I asked myself, what will they do with my mother? Why do they want her for Pakistan? I asked after a silence – Maa, what are they saying? Who are they? Why will they take you away? Will I go with you?

Na bachcha. I am your mother. I will be with you always – she cried bursting into tears.

In few hours, my father arranged tickets for us. Mother packed a few things – some jewellery, cash and a Shiva Ling. I was looking at her in fear while she was packing. She was constantly crying. She consoled me a couple of times and pretended she is fine. But I knew she wasn’t.

We left home in the noise of loudspeakers from mosques. I can still hear those voices. Those aggressive tones, words and call for action. I could see skullcaps around staring at us with the glare of victory. Eyes that wanted to peel the skin off my mother and eat her flesh.

My father tried to pick me up since mother was advised not to lift heavy things. I thought if I leave her, she will go with mob.

I cried like never before. I said – Maa take me with you. Don’t leave. She tried to explain- I am not leaving. I am with you. Just be with Dad. I refused. My father cried for the first time. He forcibly snatched me from mother again. I was so terrified that I almost felt unconscious.

When I got my consciousness back, I found myself in mother’s lap in the bus. She was crying and thanking God. We fled the valley. There were thousands like us. We lived in a tent in Jammu for next 2 months. A lot happened there.

My mother had miscarriage. She lost the child. She lost the smile forever. A few years ago, I got to know the full story. When I fell unconscious, she did not let Dad touch me. She carried me for all the time so that when I open my eyes, I find her right in front. Because this is what I wanted. To be carried by her. She walked and ran for 5 long kilometers carrying two children – one in arms, one inside to catch the bus. She got the bus but lost her other child.

We are settled in Delhi now. With her sacrifice and blessings, I am doing well in life. My mother doesn’t talk much.

Listen Shehla Rashid, I am not a storyteller. Neither are you some dear to me with whom I wanted to share what I never did till today.

I just want you to know one thing. Whenever my mother listens to the Azadi slogans or Kashmiriyat or La ilah illillaah on TV in Kashmir or Delhi, she sees her child bleeding to death. She cries in other room. Thinking about her child. Who was snatched away from him by the slogans of Azadi, Pakistan and La ilaah illillaah.

Your slogans and defence of Azadi lovers remind my mother of her child who was brutally murdered by you, your fathers and Islamists.

Thus, you are my enemy. Whenever someone tries to harm you or slaps you or beats you or threatens you, I feel he is standing with me for my lost sibling who I never saw. Whenever someone silences the voices of Azadi, hum le ke rahenge azadi, hum kya chahte azadi etc whether Army in Kashmir or people like ABVP or Agniveer in Delhi, we feel as if someone is coming to rescue us and our lost baby.

I find you personally responsible for tears of blood my mother shed all these years. You and millions of Azadi seeker Islamist swines are the reason she has never smiled since 19th January 1989. She is the victim. You are the attackers. Game will begin now.

You Jihadis will be slapped, beaten up and destroyed wherever you are. Those whom army can’t shoot, will be taken care of by us. You cry victim. We will beat you more. For our mother’s blood. For her tears. For her lost child. For her lost smile.

For all those hundreds of mothers whom you raped. For all mothers whom you abducted and snatched away from their children forever. Mothers who are still missing from the valley. Mothers whose breasts were cut off with the slogans of Allahu Akbar. Mothers whose private parts were mutilated with slogans of Islam Zindabad. Mothers whose thighs were tattooed with Islam Zindabad. Mothers whom you disrobed. Mothers whom you forced to parade naked in front of their children.

Whatever has happened to you is just a trailer. You cry that a few stones hit you and gave you scratches. Know that my mother almost bled to death. My mother saw her child bleed to death. Yours is a drama. Hers was real.

We swear to the dignity of all those mothers. All rapist Jihadi Kashmiri Islamists will be silenced by all means. Kashmir is not yours. Forget about it. Forever.

– From a real Kashmiri and son of Mother India

PS : The post has been edited for few typos. This Brother (name changed) contacted Agniveer with following message:

Vashi Bhai, my salutes to Agniveer! Sanjeev Bhai and you are doing greatest service to the nation. I am sharing this letter with you so that you can publish it. I want you to post it for me. I know not many have guts to do it. But you are different. I hope you will do it. Always with you. Thank you in advance. And count me in for service of Bharat Mata.


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Press Note - KP Exodus Day 19th Jan, 2017

A group of Kashmiri Pandits consisting mostly of young Kashmiri Pandits gathered for a silent sit
Jantar Mantar on Thursday, 19th January, 2017 to commemorate
forceful eviction from the Kashmir Valley 27 years ago.
Led by Jammu Kashmir Vichar Manch
Panun Kashmir, the protestors demanded that their human rights be restored
discrimination over the years and a
“We have been made a forgotten community. Our entire culture is fading. Our existence is under
threat” said Anoop Bhat, spokesperson
The protesters mostly school and college going children, recited poems and songs which highlight
their pain in exile. Neel Pandita, an eleven year old boy with tears in his eyes said “I want to see
home. I want to live in my home. I request PM Narendra Modi to help me go home
Sanjay Ganjoo of JKVM said “Minds were imbibed with fear and insecu
forcefully flee our native land in the wake of a freedom movement. Not only were we living under
the sustained threat of ethnic cleansing by the terrorists, over five lakh Kashmiri Pandits were
forcefully evicted, defamed, killed and women raped brutally simply because they were Hindus and
seen as symbols of Indian”

“This day marks the 28th anniversary of the forced exile. It was on the fateful day of January 19,
1990, when hundreds of thousands of violent protestors, along with
streets of Kashmir, which led to tour exodus,” said Aman Indra Koul, a 24 year old Kashmiri Pandit,
who was born in exile.

Sumeer Chrungoo, from Kashmir Samiti Delhi said “That dreaded night was possibly the longest night of our lives. Mobs from all over the valley had occupied every single road in Kashmir. They shouted slogans against Pandits asking us to join them or perish or leave the valley,”

Demanding a concrete effort by the government to rehabilitate these people and restore their dignity, Amit Raina, a protestor, said: “No single conviction has taken place against the people who have widely admitted that they were a part of the killings”. He added: “Besides, these cases should be made to come out of the Kashmir region and brought to the forefront so that our community, which is on the verge of extinction, gets national attention and receives adequate justice.”

The event ended with a silent protest and lighting of lamps in memory of all those who gave their lives to preserve the unity and integrity of India in Kashmir.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Butcher of Kashmir - Yasin Malik.

Yasin Malik BBC Hard Talk Interview

Yasin Malik BBC Hard Talk Interview
Yasin Malik admitting to the killing of Indian Air Force Officers and others in an interview with Tim Sebastian of BBC on Hard Talk. The sympathizers of Yasin Malik had ensured that the video goes missing from You Tube and BBC archives. But they forgot that crime does not hide for long


..........19 January, 1990...........

एक रोता हुवा पंडित, एक कश्मीर याद रखना..
मेरी कहानी का ये दिनं याद रखना..

ना सताया किसी को, ना ड़राया किसी को..
ना घरो मे किसी के मैने पत्थर ही फैंके..
तो क्यू मेरे घर को जलाया किसी ने?
नहीं गोलीयो से बचाया किसी ने..
मेरे भुजुर्गो को लहू मे डुबाकर..
अज्जानो मे फिर सर झुकाया किसी ने..
एक सहमा सा बच्चा, और एक डर याद रखना..
जन्नत की तबाही का ये दिनं याद रखना...

बस यही जूर्म था मैं कश्मीरी पंडित..
यही गुनाह था मेरे माथे तिलक था..
सियासत मे मेरी गिन्नती नही थी..
तो मुझे इंसाफ की ज़रूरत नही थी??
सरकारे तो शायद भूल गयी, पर हमे याद है..

अब भी आँखो में सपना है घर लौट जाने का..
अब भी वो गल्लियां मुझे वापस बुलाती है..
अधूरा मेरा बचपन वही रुक सा गया है..
अब तक मुझे माँ की आवाज आती है..
तारीखे तो तब से बदल गयी, पर हमे याद है..
हिन्दुस्तान तो हमको भूल गया, पर हमे याद है..

Advocate Vikas Padora
Twitter : @vikaspadora