Thursday, June 21, 2007

20th June Screenings - Delhi & Jammu - People's Movement turns the tide...

On a sultry and unusually humid working day in Delhi,it was a surprise to see a 660 seat hall 90% full of people. The response of the Pandit community was what surprised us…more than 400 persons of the community were present at the screening. We thank more than a 150 non Kashmiris who made it to the screening….The message will soon be carried forward.
Screenings are being planned at Mumbai and Bangalore too…The screening at Jammu was eventful with Hurriyat spokesperson saying that they are ready to apologize to Pandit community.The Hall was overfull by almost there isn’t much to say anyway…except for the fact that these screenings should make so called intelligentsia and media sit up and take notice….If this isn’t people's power we wonder what it is…..

People's Power : Pictures from the Delhi Screening

Among many who attended the screening was Brijnath Wattal Betab"the voice of the kashmiri broadcast"the poet who wrote "Maet Aab". Betab ,an inspiration for young poets craving for their motherland while in Exile.

Pictures from the crowded Jammu screening.

Hurriyat ready to apologise to Pandits-Indian Express

Hurriyat spokesperson says they are ready to apologise to Pandits for excess commiitted against them ..
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