Thursday, June 21, 2007

People's Power : Pictures from the Delhi Screening

Among many who attended the screening was Brijnath Wattal Betab"the voice of the kashmiri broadcast"the poet who wrote "Maet Aab". Betab ,an inspiration for young poets craving for their motherland while in Exile.


Vindhya Malik said...

Brilliant presentation!

Keep the flame alive! :)

Latakshi Masrani said...

A life-time experience..

Heartbreaking visuals..

Hats off to the RIK team!

geetika said...

guys....the response was overwhelming and the impact on the big screen was brilliant
rik presentation here i guess takes the cake for its straight forwardness and haunting felt geat to hear likes of sapan dasgupta and sandhya jain talk without mincing any words and their suggestions need to be taken seriously.....overall a wonderful experience....hats off to the rik team

vimal said...

I think RIK is doing great work, but this is just the beginning, we have to achieve a lot and events like these can will surely serve our purpose.

The documentary "...And the World Remained Silent" left each and every person sitting in the auditorium choked with emotion.

The views expressed by the panel were very much relevant and we should act upon the suggestions expressed by the Dr. Agnishekhar and others.

Great job done but we still have a long way to go.

Long live kashmiri pandits........original inhabitants of Kashmir.