Saturday, September 22, 2007

Chandigarh Screening: All Roads lead to RIK Event...

Picture from Times of India
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Some months back when a supposedly well known documentary maker had gone to Punjab University , Chandigarh to screen his “magnum opus” he had less than a dozen people to see his documentary. So embarrassed was the “genius” with the dismal turnout he decided not to even mention this on his blog.
With this fear in our hearts and minds when we reached Chandigarh on Friday morning we saw posters of our screening at almost all departments of the Punjab University.-
Cut to 4.30 Friday 21st of Sept,07. It seemed all roads lead to the English Auditorium, Punjab University. An unrelenting stream of students, doctors, faculty and members of the civil society kept pouring in. By 5 PM the auditorium was overfull. Just to give the reader a measure, the auditorium with a capacity of 325 people had more than 500 people waiting for the movie to begin and more than 200 waiting outside the hall to get in. The auditorium didn’t have air conditioning and yet people stuck to the places, whether standing or sitting refused to move out. There were many who had to be seated near the backstage so that they could see the movie.
We finally started at 15 minutes past 5, the press was there in full attendance which can be easily seen by the coverage of the event (links and pics posted on the blog).Mr.Atre,IAS and Director of PR for UT of Chandigarh also graced the occasion.The screening was followed by a panel discussion in which Mr.Vikram Chaudhary of NDTV, Professor Brar of Poltical Science Department and Sqn.Ldr(Retd) Sadhu took part. Yet again there was a vibrant Q&A session. In the Q&A session most questions directed at Vikram. The audience wanted to know why the English Electronic Media was in a way silent about the forced exodus of Pandits and their plight.
As always the discussion did not stick itself to Kashmir with issues like terrorism and role of the State coming into focus. While all this was happening more than 400 people were queuing outside the auditorium for a second screening which we had to announce seeing the turnout of people.
Once again we were overwhelmed by the response. More than 400 people participated in the second screening of the movie and later in the Q&A session. Many wanted to join the movement called RIK. Many more from Media wanted to know what they can do help Kashmiri Pandits get what they rightfully deserve. But that’s not to say there weren’t people who did not question our motives for screening what they thought was a one sided view of the Kashmir issues. A friend from the media wanted to know why we called terrorist of Kashmir as Islamic terrorists. As always our answer was the so called movement in Kashmir is Pan-Islamic expansion in the garb of so called freedom. Ironically when Rashneek (the moderator for the program) asked this gentleman as to why none but Indonesia was the only Muslim Majority nation being secular in character the friend sat quietly without an answer. Probably he and us will both search for them in days to come……
We are thankful to all our friends in Punjab University, Career Launcher ,all our friends and sponsors for such an excellent event.-
PS: Many had to be given CD’s of the documentary, as we failed to accommodate them in the auditorium.

RIK Cavalcade on way to Chandigarh.

A part of the audience at the first screening.

People watching the RIK Photo Exhibition outside the auditorium.

Humidity doesn't make any difference.

Another view of the audience.

Panel Discussion: Rashneek Kher (Moderator), Vikram Chowdhry (NDTV), Sq. Ldr. B.L. Sadhu.

A notice board outside the venue.

An eager student with a query.

RIK Chandigarh Team Volunteers outside the venue.

RIK Chandigarh Volunters

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Pawan said...

hey buddies.......congrats....specially RIK Chandigarh......Got tears in my eyes to finally realise that we have an active "Next Gen"...........God Bless

Aditya Raj Kaul said...

Simply amazing job guys. The youth is wide awake and ver well knows its responsibility. It was a very emotional moment to see such an overwhelming response at Chandigarh after a 10 day long day and night work by our volunteers from Chandigarh. RIK Chandigarh has done a great job by hosting such an amazing event with hundreds of people participating from all wals of life be it students, mediapersons, elderly, women, faculty, scholars etc etc. We will keep no stone unturned to get out human rights violation noticed by the outside world. Keep the good work going guys.

God Bless!

Aditya Raj Kaul
New Delhi

Anonymous said...

The paradigm shift RIK has brought in the fight4justice2KP Community is that it has kept the flame of going back to roots alive in NextGen, Maa Sharda Bless you all. - Vikram

Anonymous said...

RIK- All of you are an amazing group. You have learnt how to work with the media and that is what will bring our plight to the notice of the world and things will change for the better.
Keep up the good work.

Soman Dhar

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Your efforts will definetly yeild results and world will be compelled to raise their voice against all these injustices .I have no words to express my gratitude to your kind of efforts . I will only say please carry it on , we all are with you.

Rajesh Pandit