Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Poetic Justice

Aenem Soy vavem sooy lagem soy panesey...
(I brought seeds of poision ivy,sowed them,it got around only to devour me)

In our last post titled”The New Paradigms” we had mentioned how Geelani was punched in his own backyard by the very people whom the media fondly calls”moderate separatists”.It was probably an indication of what was to come from some other moderates around us.

Gen Musharraf an avid supporter of “freedom movements” from Chechyna to Plaestine to Kashmir is busy quelling “terrorists and extremists”in his own nation.The new Kamal Attaturk is leaving no stone unturned in crushing every voice of extremism,be it Asma Jehangir or Aitzaz Ahsan. Every institution or individual who he sees as a threat to “enlightened moderation” is already rendered powerless. He wont rest until his version of enlightened moderation illuminates the Pakistan.In order to fulfil the divine dream of the Quaid he has even let off 29 misguided Talibs in Exchange for 200 odd demoralised and kidnapped Pakistani troops. Pakistan is so much in news for all the wrong reasons. So for us to add any news would only be a repetition.

As pandemonium looms large in Pakistan , the ivy poison has assumed the form of snake which is in the process of devouring the very masters who sowed its seeds.
Poetic Justice,we presume.

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