Monday, November 26, 2007

RIK Concert "Tamah-A Desire" : Pandits live back lost moments of their roots

Pandit Vijay Malla performing live in concert at "Tamah"
Roots In Kashmir, organised a grand musical evening in the capital for fundraising of our future campaigns on 24th November 2007 at Chinmaya Mission Auditorium in New Delhi. Performing live in concert wwas none other then renowned singer Vijay Malla - also known as the Ghulam Ali of Kashmir; accompanying him was Lovely Raina, an equally well-known singer.
Malla stole the show with his quick recitation of "Byel Tay Madal..." and "Harmaukh Bar tal..."; while hundreds of people who had thronged the auditorium could easily be seen clapping to the tunes.
This very RIK concert has historical significance as it is one of the first to be held in the capital organised by the displaced pandit youth after almost 18 years of exile from their homeland.
Earlier, the programme was started by vandana performed by Dalip Langoo; while the ligting of the lamp ceremony was done by a small child signifying the importance and the role of the youth in the coming years to restore our heritage.
An RIK audio-visual presentation was also shown on the occassion which elaborated on the last one year activity of RIK and its various campaigns through music and pictures.
The comparing of the programme was done by Radhika Kaul and Sanjay Wali.
RIK wishes to thank all its supporters, activists and other organisations who helped in making "TAMAH" a sucess.

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Anil said...

May God Bless all RIKians for your selfless service to the Community.