Saturday, December 29, 2007

Banished Kashmiris express grief at Benazir’s death - Aastha Manocha

New Delhi, December 28: Kashmiri Hindus who were forced by militancy to leave the valley more than 17 years ago have expressed their sorrow at the ‘dastardly killing’ of the ex-PM of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto. A group of Kashmiri Hindus called Roots In Kashmir has expressed condolences with the people of Pakistan and reiterated that using violence or terrorism as an instrument of state policy can be counter productive.

‘It was waiting to happen’, said Aditya Raj Kaul, a member.

They have said that they regret that she didn’t stem the cancer of terrorism when she had the chance as the PM of her country rather in some of her speeches extolled the virtues of armed struggles and supported the Mujahids who were to cleanse the valley of so-called ‘infidels’.
‘It is sad that she was consumed by the same monsters who she had once nourished and supported. In her death lies a lesson not only for Pakistan but also for separatists who brazenly support the armed guerrillas in the valley’, they said while praying that her soul rests in peace.


Anonymous said...

Why the hell Kashmiri Pandits are expressing grief for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto?

It was Benazir who publically supported the Kashmiri separatists. She, in her speeches, openly appealed to all Kashmiri Muslims to fight for their so-called independence and throw out the Hindus from the valley.

I think Roots in Kashmir is becoming more and more political or is it that all Kasmhmiri Pandits (just like Nehru)are hard-core followers of Mohandas Gandhi's policies of aggressive non-violence?

Respecting those who dishonoured you? Isn't that cowardice?

Anonymous said...

And please use the word Hindu instead of infidel, kafir or non-believer. Be more specific and less soft-spoken.

Secular Indian said...

Why RIK is expressing condolences with the Pakistani people on the death of Benazir Bhutto? On one hand, Roots in Kashmir screen the documentary "And the World Remained Silent" everywhere, in which it is categorically shown that Benazir was spitting venom agaisnt India and Kashmiri Hindus in 1989-90. On other hand, RIK people are praying for the peace of Benazir's soul... Isn't that hypocrisy and two-faced character?

I strongly critisize the stand of RIK on the killing of Benazir Bhutto.

Benazir was neither a friend of India nor Kashmiri Pandits.

Muslim Slayer said...

Thank God, Benazir Bhutto is dead.

May her soul never rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Benazir Bhutto. Her murder is a good news.