Thursday, March 20, 2008

Director Shekhar Kapur on Terrorist Yasin Malik at the India Today Conclave

As he (Yasin Malik) left, a young girl came to me brimming with anger. Along with a man who worked with India Today. Both were kashmiri Pundits who had seen themselves ousted forcibly and sometimes cruelly from their homeland. I have met many Kashmiri Pundit's- some of them my friends who believe they are truly the forgotten people. The young girl was as moving as Yasin as she held back her tears, andgry that Yasin was allowed this platform without the audience being told of the atrocities that he and his comrades perpetuated on Kashmiri Pundits. I could totally see her point of view.
Later as I was having tea with Priety Zinta she also expressed apprehensions about being on the same platform as Yasin. her father died in the Army and her brother has been fighting and risking his life in Kashmir.
I do not see an Independant Kashmir as a viable state. I do not agree with Yasin there. In the current political unrest, stuck as it is between some of the most explosive political arena's in the world, Kashmir will be engulfed in the turmoill of it's neighboring states.
Courtesy:Shekhar Kapur's Blog
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khaqsar said...

Thanks Shekhar and priety for listening to our suppresed voice at last some saw in our eyes...

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