Tuesday, March 11, 2008


When we first wrote a post requesting “The India Today Group” to rethink its decision of inviting Yasin Malik as a speaker to its Annual Conclave, it was out of hope that the group’s management would see reason.
We wrote 3 posts to this effect and hundreds of e-mails were sent to them requesting them to re-consider the decision. But alas! All of them seem to have fallen on deaf ears or blind eyes. No one seems to be interested in seeing reason or hearing out what has been documented by various journalists of repute including the India Today Group itself.

We had painstakingly collected all the evidence that’s there to show that Yasin Malik is a criminal, a third rate one .There is a no crime known to mankind that Yasin Malik has not been involved in. You name it and he has done it all…killings, kidnappings, hawala, gun running. He is the one who along with Shawkat Bakshi pumped bullets into the then Director of Doordarshan Lassa Kaul to silence the media once and for all. He and his JKLF goons are singularly responsible for the largest forced exodus of the modern history. Yet The India Today Group has gone ahead and invited him to be a speaker at its conclave. One can only feel sorry for the people who have taken this decision of inviting him.

Well, we can’t behave like Yasin Malik. Thankfully we don’t have it in us to kill people who don’t agree with us. We can’t kill unarmed innocent people and call it armed struggle. Call us meek, cowards or whatever you choose to. Civility may not be a virtue for people who kill or for the ones who play hosts to them, but we will stick to it. As responsible citizens and human beings we will however register our protest right outside the venue of the Conclave.For all those who wish to join us,here are the details

Main Entrance
The Taj Palace
Sardar Patel Marg

2.30 PM

Carry your guns Mr.Malik, be the man you are. Kill us too and India Today Group will give you some more airtime. You could next year be their “Man of the Year” or at-least make it to their list of most powerful people. After all not many in India have the distinction of killing so many as you have.

Kill us and our silence will speak.

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