Friday, August 22, 2008

And an insider did it......

The Times of India on its front page reports that the Hurriyat leader Sheikh Abdul Aziz wasnt killed by security forces but it was a rival terrorist fraction who have eliminated the separatist rabble rouser.There will ofcourse be counter claims that it was security forces who actually killed him.Notwithstanding who killed him,it reaffirms the fact that those who lived by the sword deserve to die by the sword.Those who spread hate and venom against the Indian Nation,against the minorities and Jammu and Kashmir ,those who have forced more than half a million people out of their land have met their end in a gruseome but deserving manner.He isnt the first one neither will he be the last one to be killed by the very terrorists he supported.The list is endless.The "cry baby" Sajjad Lone's father,Mirwaiz's father and Dr.Guru are some of the prominent people whose Frankesteins consumed them.
With the separatists already exchanging blows on Wedendsday,it may be what we always re-affirm here.The poison ivy you sow today will consume you one day.
Meanwhile in Jammu
The Biggest Jail Bharo Movement in Independent India...Over 3 lac courted arrest

Return the Land.....

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OMAR said...

This is in response to various elements particularly some elements from the Pandit community who are trying to distort the facts, by trying to say that their migration is a “Supreme” sacrifice. Firstly the movement of the Kashmiri Pandits is known as “Migration”, which literally means to move from one place to another voluntarily, by one’s own free will, in no dictionary could I find that migration could be forced. This is stated by the Government of India when referring to the Kashmir Pandits who moved from Kashmir during early 90’s. Now I want to your attention towards history; looking down at history it is said that the Afghan rule in Kashmir can be said as most tyrant to the pandit community. During the rule of Afghans Pandits were killed ruthlessly, they were humiliated, religious festival like Shivratri was banned, but not many Pandits chose to “migrate”, though there was an departure of Pandits, but it was not on a massive scale, as seen in early 90’s.
Yet another reason given is that there was an ethnic cleansing of the Pandit community. But ethnic cleansing means killing large number of people, belonging to a particular community, so that their number becomes paltry. But nothing of sorts happened in Kashmir. Not more than 50 Pandits were killed during the 90’s. Some Pandits usually claim that death threats were issued to the Pandit community, either to leave Kashmir or get prepared to die, but this is totally false. If such threats were issued, then the miniscule population of Pandits left in Kashmir would have been slaughtered, but nothing like this has ever happened.
The Pandits left Kashmir on the behest of Governor Jagmohan, who wanted to start an ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Muslim’s so that Kashmir would be “Indianised”. The Kashmir Pandits left Kashmir voluntarily, on their own free will, nobody forced them to. Now they are trying to create misconcepts and distort facts. Such things cannot be tolerated. I am amazed by the fact that no Pandit brother has the courage to come forward and speak the truth.
Please visit to know the truth