Monday, May 11, 2009

From the Moderator

Dear Readers,

With a profound sense of dis-belief I have to inform you that the comments on the blog would from now on be moderated by me.At the time of initiating this blog we debated whether the blog should be moderated in any way or not.It was unanimously agreed that we must allow free speech because we believed that the reader is mature.I do not in any way or form wish to insult the intellect of the reader by moderating his/her comments.
We have in the past received abusive comments on the blog and me as the moderator has received a lot of hate mail from some of our readers.We always accomodated it and allowed it because it pertained to the subject in question.Not even from our most vocal opponents had we recieved any comments which were personal in nature or pertaining to our families.
Unfortunately some person has posted a comment wherein he has raised questions against the father of the writer.I find this sickness appalling and ask such commentators to find other avenues for venting out their frustations.Sorry this blog isnt for this.What such frustated souls do not understand is that even two brothers can have different political philosophies and orientations.
And incidentally Ranish's father's name is Ramesh Hanglu and not Ashok Hanglu but even if it was it is not the business of non RIK members.I would have appreciated had the commentator been brave to name himslef rather than hide behind anonymous aliases.Such people need a life and I would recommend them to Art of Living Classes.
I apologise to readers that because of this incident we have no other option but to moderate the comments atleast for sometime so that the viruses can be kept away.
Thanks for your understanding.
Rashneek Kher


Kamal Hak said...

Dear Rashneek,
A few days while surfing the TV channels, I found an old classic movie being telecast. A song from that film aptly describes the response to such incidents,
'Kuch to log kaheinge-logoon ka kam hai kahna- shodo bekar ki baatun ko- beet na jaye reina'

Anonymous said...

be happy and love. kiss