Saturday, July 10, 2010

Campaign to send books to stonepelters, Geelani in Kashmir‎

Press Trust Of India
New Delhi, July 09, 2010

Amid tension in violence-hit Kashmir, a group of activists have launched an online campaign asking people to send books to stonepelters and their instigators in the valley. The 'Peacebook Campaign' was launched on social networking site 'facebook' by 'Roots in Kashmir', a group of Kashmiri pandits who had migrated from the valley after outbreak of militancy.

The group is asking people across the globe to send books to hardline Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani, who, they alleged, was instigating people to target security personnel and disturb law and order.

"Our campaign is not about people who are throwing stones but for the ones who are instigated them to indulge in stone pelting. Hurriyat leader Geelani is one among them. That is why we are asking people to directly send books at his residence," said Rashneek Kher, founder member of the group.

A total of 1,000 net users from different countries have registered themselves for the campaign, he said.

"We have collected about 300 books here which will be sent to Geelani once curfew is relaxed in Srinagar," he said.

Kher said schools children have been forced to throw stones. "Most of the stone pelters are school boys, who do not know why they are throwing stones. They should attend classes but they are instigated by people for their vested interest and forced to indulge in such anti-national activities," the activist said.

"We will continue with our campaign till violence in Kashmir Valley ends," Kher added.

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KASMIRI said...

well i was told my old neighbour that when he was young hindu rulers in kashmir had discouraged the education of kashmiri muslims and used to treat them as slaves in their fields because they were the sole honours of agricultural land in kashmir.If my neighbour would have been alive today he would have wondered how could these people send us books now personally i dont believe in what my neighbour said to me i believe in my grandfather,my father who have got all the love and praise for the kashmiri pandits.i hope majority of kashmiri pandits do think like my father and are unlike you.i do acknowledge that kashmiri pandits have suffered terribly and kashmiri muslims have to share blame for this but that does not negate the fact that kashmiri muslims have suffered much worse than you. 80000 kashmiri muslims dead,hundreds of our sisters being raped,humilation we have suffered at the hands of those people whom you consider to be your heros[military].I m not by anyway trying to demean your suffering and i apologise if u percieve like that. the best option left for us is to acknowledge that kashmiris have suffered hindus and muslims alike and try to come close together.we have to forget past and think about future.Having said this solution of kashmir is not possible unless newdelhi in particular and hurriat are ready to take bold decissions.I PERSONALLY AM HAPPY WITHIN THE AMBIT OF CONSTITUTION OF INDIA BUT I TOO KNOW MAJORITY OF KASHMIRI MUSLIMS WONT BE BUT SELF RULE OR AUTONOMY WILL BE ACCEPTED