Friday, August 6, 2010

Media Frenzy

I have a question first up.Have more Kashmiris(Kashmiri Muslims-now the media uses Kashmiris for them so liberally that even people like are me are brainwashed into thinking that the only Kashmiris who exist are the Muslims,forgetting that I am not) been killed in the last one month or is it less than the average number of people killed in Kashmir.The separtists keep shouting that more than 1 lac(100000) people have lost their lives in Kashmir in the last 20 years.Now if I believe them as Barkhas and Sagarikas do then every year there are 5000 people killed in Kashmir which means approx 13 per day.Now since July11,the total number of people killed is only 50.Isnt it less than what the figure ordinarliy should be?Am I being a death monger or am I belittling the loss of human life?Quite on the contrary,I am only calling the separtist bluff and the media naivette or willfull suspension of dibelief whichever suits you better.
We are bombaried these days with columns in newspapers and TV programmes who lecture us on how the Indian State has failed in Kashmir.Well it has.And how should understand the anger of the stone pelters(read roiters).We are consistently told that these people need to be listened to and they be given emplyoment while the Islamic Don Syed Ali Shah says quite the contrary.He says we are not fighting for better civic facilities or jobs.He is unequivocal in saying that we want Independence and not good governance.Yet column after column,one programme after another makes this nation feel guilty of "genocide" of "innocent Kashmiris".Now can anyone please tell these self appointed moral guardians of our "collective conscience" to please listen to Geelani and hear the speeches of Hafiz Saeed that mosques in Kashmir are loudly playing these days.
Fathom this..a young man or a woman or even a kid who throws petrol bombs or stones,burns public property,tears the unfirom of a policeman or simply lynches him.Does it give any sane man but the sleeveless siren any idea of this "innocent victim".Yet for the Indian media(except for one odd man out) such a person symbolises the innocence and purity of thought (of the Islamic kind may I ask?).What is the state supposed to do with a person whose intenet is reflected in the way he appears on the street.Is it the time to hear his greviances-real,imagined or perceieved.What about the Policeman whose eye was taken out by such an innocent group of people?Doesnt he have a family or are his human rights less legitimate than those of the mobsters who are the Indian Media's idea of an "innocent Kashmiri".
True human life is pious and shouldnt be lost and we keep repeating here,that no cause is worth one human life but doesnt the onus lie on both sides.Isnt it for the parents of these "innoncent Kashmiris" to tell their young ones that there are other more civil modes of protest available than the Islamic mode of protest.What does the Indian Media want?Should the CRPF and the local Police Garland the people who hit them with an intention to lynch them,should they cook mincemeat for the "innocent Kashmiris" who attack them?
And now all this bullshit about the "children of conflict" which a senior journo keeps going back to.My daughter is 5 and goes to a local school in Delhi.A month back me and my wife were asked to come to the school to discuss about my child.I was taken aback by the teacher told me.She said, my daughter needs a psychatirst because she belives that her father's house was burnt and one day they will go back to some land which she hasnt even seen.The teacher told me that my daughter is imagining things and should be shown to a child psychologist.Is she a child of the conflict too or just because she is a Hindu none of it sticks to her or just because Barkha looks the other way.


Abhishek* said...

English Media is full of stupid jerks. I have given up on them.

Anchors like Barkha Dutt, who spend more time in VLCC than in Library, are mistaken as journalists. If Barkha Dutt is a journalist, shame on journalism. Others like Pranay Roy and Rajdeep Sadesai are shopkeepers who wear suits and sell news. You can't take them seriously.

But we the people have to keep fighting. It's will of a few individuals that shapes history. I congratulate you for this blog and back you in your struggle.

डॉ .अनुराग said...

अब न्याय ओर असूलो की परिभाषाये मोल्डिंग है .वे समय ओर वक़्त देखकर तय की जाती है ....लोग एक मुहाने पर खड़े होकर किसी पूरे द्रश्य का निष्कर्ष निकाल देते है ...ओर अपने साथ हुए असहमतो से असहमत होने की जिद पर लगतार अड़े हुए ....बरखा दत्त को सुन रहा था तीन दिन पहले ..ऐसा लगा जैसे सरोकार तय करना ओर उनकी सीमा रेखाये भी केवल उनका मौलिक अधिकार है

Anonymous said...

mera kehna hai ki ab waqt aa gaya hai jab hinduon ko bhi gujrat wala solution kashmir mein lana padega.
sabse pehle 370 ko khatm kar hinduon ko wahan basne ki ajadi dijaye. phir hum in ko dekh lenge.

Anonymous said...

The manner in which Kashmiri Pandits are being sidelined by the government and media in the Kashmir issue is apalling. It is as if the migration never took place! As if only the muslims count and human rights apply solely to them. The Pandits have to continue their fight and believe me, there are many, many people who are very critical of the govt's. appeasement policies and the damage it is doing to the unity of our nation.

As for the stone throwers..... it is shocking and diabolic that a parent could expose a child to such violence and possible injury/death. A starting point lies in clarity....does the GOI believe that Kashmir is a part of India? It doesn't seem to be sure!

I feel very sad that most people are ignorant about the condition of Kashmiri Pandits and what they have had to sacrifice. The teacher's comment that your daughter needs to see a psychiatrist indicates that. Such insensitivity and ignorance! I try to enlighten as many people as I can.....I am not Kashmiri but since the migration we have many Kasmiri Pandits in our office and their stories of loss are tragic. To lose your homeland in your own country? Can anyone comprehend the damage to the psyche and the very being of a person? Yet they have all adjusted and don't whine and complain about their circumstances.
The fortitude of Kashmiri Pandits is admirable and inspiring. The State has let them down.