Saturday, February 5, 2011

Reh 2011 - Kashmiri Pandit Youth Festival

Be it the chords of music or the cords of emotion, it does create ripples. Far away from home, a new generation of us has grown. Time may have elapsed and distance may have hazed our view but the moment the chords strike and the music begins ,it sets us all swinging, singing and turns back the wheel of times, the valley in us resonates.

On the 13th day of this March we will all sing together, dance together shout aloud til...
l our voice resonates in the valley. As a new generation of Kashmiri musicians change tacks from Chakri to Rock to fusion or the more mellowed form of music, we will sing to the celebration of life in a new way and mark the arrival of the next gen of the Kashmiri Pandits.

Renowned bands like Prithvi, October, young Santoor masteros and the nightingales of the valley will set the stage on fire and illuminate the flame within us. The flame of continuity – Reh as it is aptly called in Kashmiri.

Reh - the flame of eternalness, the flame of warmth and togetherness, the flamer of love and brotherhood, the flame of enlightenment, the flame that keep the young generation of Kashmiri Pandits treading.

Come, lets all celebrate the joy of togetherness, the commonness of our roots, the bond of love.

Lets Rock!!!
Entry by Complimentary Pass only.

To obtain passes contact:

Amal Magazine - 9873900479
Anoop Bhat - 9911543003
Sanjay Peshin - 8527764911

A Roots In Kashmir Initiative

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Anonymous said...

mr aditya i can understand ur pain but what i cant understand is why dont u people recognise that every community has a dirty fish in it and why dont u guyz recognize and accept for the fact that when arms struggle started in kashmir there were a lot of kashmeri Pandits who back stabbed us by becoming police informers just for money,selling their brothers for money how do u justify that? when sheikh abdullah fought for kashmir kashmeri Pandits were there then when we fought against india for our basic rights people from u r community back stabbed us what did u expected from Bitta Karate or others and besides that if you fell for kashmeri Muslims where were u yesterday when bullets were fired on those who were protesting for electricity i need an answer plz do reply if u truly are a man of honour