Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Geelani Farce

The spin doctors told him so and off he went to Vessu to "assure" Pandits who were driven away by his ilk some 22 years back.What he said is here.
Our reply as reported by the media is here.


Anonymous said...

For you guys to feel safe in kashmir you should first accept the fact that you played at the hands of jagmohan.you should respect the sentiments of majority community.you should condemn attrocities commeted by indian forces. you should condemn the attrocities that kashmiri pandits committed on muslims during dogra rule. then ask geelani to condemn killings of 209 kashmiri pandits.kashmir independent or with india is secondary human values have to be respected.i hope you dont again start with old lies that indian army rule is just then i will tell why dont have fair investigation carried at the hands of U.N INTO your organisations claims as well as hurriat claims of 90000 kashmiri muslim deaths but you wont agree to this typical of your organisation,subterfuge and obfuscations at its best. let me tell one thing,your aim of panun kashmir is not a distant dream but an impossiblle dream

khaqsar said...

Mr Anonymous,

First you have no guts to reveal yourself... I am not anonymous and challenge you to prove your points.

I bet my whole life that much before you dream of so called Nizameh Mustafa.. I will sit in middle of Kashmir named HOMELAND PANUN KASHMIR for 2 million of refugees of J&K.

Neither your Islamic extremism and Voilent methods wouldnt serve any purpose nor would they succeed.

It is our Pen which will define the destiny of Kashmir.

khaqsar said...

Dear Anonymous ,

I am not Anonymous and I am nto scared that your voilent philosphy of Nizame Mustafa would kill me. I ahve stood as a named entity since last 800 years facing your persecution without Arms or any Army. This must be a clear answer to you that how much power we posses.

Be assured your dream will remain a nightmare for you but we have seent he dream fo PANUN KASHMIR with open eyes in refugee camps.

I can tell with you for sure that our pen will write the destiny of Kashmir and we will carve out HOMELAND for 2 Million refugees of J&K in Kashmir.

Jai Panun Kashmir
Veer Ji Wangoo
Youth Coordinator Panun Kashmir

Anonymous said...

Veerji 2 million Pandits or less than 500000.you didn't respond to my questions,are you ready for independent investigation in your claims and Geelani sahibs claims?you can dream and only dream about panun kashmir don't worry marah dreaming is not a sin.please make your homeland in the valley of ganges not in the valley of jehlum and chinab.

khaqsar said...

Dear Anonymous,

Let me show how we are 2 million

1# 7 lakh KPs in 1990 = 1 MIllion KPs
2#5 Lakh West Kashmir Refugees = 5 lakh unregistered citizens of J&K.
3# 4 lakh Minority Hindus from Rajouri / Poonch and Doda.
4# there are more than 3-4 lakh Shias ,Christians , GUjjars and Bakarwals along with Budhist and kargil Shias who would be part of Panun Kashmir rather than UMMAH of Nizameh Mustafa from SUnni radicals of Hurriyat.

Unless you put your name to your anonymous comments as such I dont feel I should reply to you.

Rest be brave and bold when u discuss such contentious issues rather than hiding ans shooting arrows as Anonymous like terrorists do.

there are more than 5 lakh

naeem said...

ok marah dont teach me bravery when you cann't tolerate 209 deaths.If you think gujjars,bakarwals and shias of kashmir and ladakh will be with you then you are living in the impossible dream like panun kashir.The population of kashmiri pandits is dwindling and it is an undeniable fact that is the reson you are encouraging your newly wed couples to have more than 4 children.the first freedom struggle of j&k was started by muslims of jammu and prudence of choudhary nisar is realised by kashmiri people right now.we have no problem if you want two and half districts of jammu and district of leh to be with you. I am 100 percent sure that you will have never met any muslim in kargil. their and ours thinking is same .i will give you another idea let the plebescite be done in every district not as a whole then you will realise what people want, oh i am sorry you know what majority of people in j&k want but you will never accept it. for those kashmiri pandits who want to come again to kashmir i want to say them panun kashmir is farce,their ideology will make you to lose kashmir for ever panun kashmir dream 'salaam kare daskat tah mehboob kare alat rateh harie plot rateh harie plot,

khaqsar said...

well Naem , I am happy your GAIRATH has made you put your name on the baord. But unfortunately I ahd to write twice before this GAIRATH could be woken up

Between the way I invoked you from Anonymous to Naeem.. in same way I will invoke Panun kashmir from nowhere..

You may consider it as a dream but that is the way after 7 exoduses we demanded this dream from our heavens. If your Nizame Mustfa is sacrosanct then ours isnt that Sacrilegious.

Please be aware that any division or change political demographies psot world war 2 assured a safe haven fro Minorities first then it talked about majority totalitarianism.I understand it demands lot of sacrifices but be assured , KPs know the worth fo their blood and sweat as such dont waste it everytime like most of your fellow mates do every summer.

we will come back at right time with right pen and paper. YOu will ahve no solution but to sign it .

Till then we live in our dreama dn you ahve best fo luck for your nightmares...

With Regards ,

Veer ji Wangoo

Youth Coordinator

Panun Kashmir

naeem said...

i have no problem in your dreams as i already told you it is not sin to dream even if the dream is impossible. yes we have given our blood for our movement and will continue to do it and we will never leave our homeland whatever be the circumstances.whether it be the crimnal dogra rule on kashmiri muslims well supported by kashmiri pandits or whether it is the brutal indian rule again supported by you. the commom thing in the tyranny suffered by kashmiri muslims is kashmiri pandit.the kashmiri pandits made it sure that they make condition in conivance with the dogras.you made it sure that you occupy 95 percent of land and all other resources of kashmiri.kashmiri muslims didn't even retailate when your secular hindu brothers butchered muslims in jammu during partition and changed the demography of jammu .You wont even acknowledge the fact that not even a single kashniri pandit was killed. How many kashmiri pandits have been killed since partition 209?and how many kashmiri muslims 90000 and i am not counting lakhs of kashmiri muslims killed in jammu by your secular army and dogras.

khaqsar said...

I am not supposed or obliged to reply to your rumble mummble and Islamic Frenzy... you better get treated only at Gauntamola or Tora Bora... PLease book anyone for yourself.. we have booked Panun kashmir for us..! Thanks and Bhagwan tohye saddhh buddhi din !!

naeem said...

This the problem with you guys that you either don't understand or you pretend not to understand reality.i think latter one is appropiate.you have chosen migrant camps and not panun kashir,but you can make migrant camps your 'panun kashir'. you are not obliged to respond to reality,after all reality does hurt

khaqsar said...

Time will give a good reply to you as it has given in last 800 yrs ! Ravromut chah keh :):):) Wunye rudyi ne kahaah gareh kashirreee

naeem said...

keep dreaming u will soon be kahaah garh only

khaqsar said...

kaaahey karnah kabar gah...:):)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

most of the kashmiris were forced into islam, initially all were hindus
just accept the basic fact.

if anybody had a choice he or she would never accept islam

jimmy clayton said...

Every one should visit Kashmir it is for all Muslims Hindus ,and Sikh brothers and enjoyKashmir holidays

Anonymous said...

You all are just wasting your time here .
You bet, neither kashmir is going to get any freedom,not for an inch, nor any KP is willing to go back there

It has been 22 years and whole new generation of KPs has come up and they are more interested in contributing to the progress of the country and moving to other parts of the world rather being confined to a small place called kashmir.
Even Muslims of kashmir move out for the progress of their kids..
So hosh mein ajaooo bhai saab. nobody looks back... move ahead

Anonymous said...

To hell with Kashmir... I am happy to leave those khodz.. targeted oppression through comments and selective killings by deen ek thekedar's... yemain che ne ye te pai ke su waal kamisund chu... kaluk cha ya... fikri aasi tormut... used Kashmiri to tell u that it is pundit sentiment of new generation.. you guys in Kashmir carry on with your tehikh and desire to die for 72 in heaven... jannat banou dozak... ais karain aish ... tohi paith karan afgain te miltry wail aish... kashmiriray gayi afganiat, bihariyat, malyaliyat... ais banavav dakisktan... kashirav warai te afganiv saan.. it will hurt but that is true reality.. we faced it when we left but came back strong with india welcoming us with open arms....