Monday, January 20, 2014

The Store Room - Sanjay Peshin

Jan, 1990, I was still a child, living in the valley of Kashmir. Shivers spill down my spine when I remember the dreadful night of 19th Jan, 1990.

Mom woke me up in middle of the freezing night, I could hear people on the streets shouting slogans and they suddenly started pelting stones on our house. Our back door was being broken and my father was keeping a watch by peeking out the drawn curtains of the window. Mom with eyes full of fear and tears, whispered slowly in my ear "Woth..Chapayen thav syenith" (Wake up & wear your slippers), we may have to run. Dad double locked both of us in wood & coal store room & I spent all night on Mom's lap. She was continuously weeping and praying. By morning, her tears had made my pheran completely wet.

Its been 24 years now, but I am yet came out from that dark store room. It seems that I am still in that store room, my childhood, my home, my life has been snatched from me. The memories haunt and my struggle against them continues
Author - Sanjay Peshin


Anonymous said...

Life will find its way.... give those memories some rest and you will find rest too.... things are changing be a part of that

Anonymous said...

How do u Forget the Jagmohan who has major share to his credit for ur Exodus... But i must tell u people are Dale bata..... U feared A handful of Militants n we are being forced to face lacks of Indian Militants Every day