Thursday, May 31, 2007

Holocaust Images-Frightened pigeons and forsaken community


Anonymous said...

I wonder what dreamworld Pandits are living in.Still sporting Indian flags,isnt it time for you guys to understand that India is no ones friend.They use you as a counterweight to Muslims of Kashmir and nothing else.Wake Up guys before it is too late.

Mushtaq Ganai

Anonymous said...

Half a million-bullshit...KPs at the time of their fleeing were not more than 1.5 lacs....

Shafiq Qadri

pooja said...

well mind the language sir...
we would love to see your records if ur so sure.. restrict the communal hatred.

secondly..look at the pics of these children.. can u imagine what their psyche would have become after realising their own neighbours turned against them..?

but as we believe.. KPs will bounce back..!!!

Rashneek said...

From a Muslim Friend....

,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,
Listen ,It don´t matter to me,
Friend ,You believe or not ,
Why you live like a refugee,
When friends are waiting for you,
They always wellcome you to
come back ,
Why then accusations ,illegations
blames and claims,
Somehow you have to realize ,
Somewhere you made the mistakes,
Leave all this and come back home,
Don´t blame and not go far from brotherhood,
See the example of Mr.Nil kant,
Who died with respect and never he
claimed he wants to go and live refugee life,
Friend ,Don´t say to me ,there is no one,
Yes,there are hundreds and always
waiting for you ,
Please leave this ego and don´t care´,
What your political master say to you,
Friend ,understand you are not a refugee,
You are the citizen of kashmir ,
Then why you support state terrorism ,
And worried of border cross terrorism,
You see, you don´t have to live like a refugee,
Tell me why you wanna live like a refugee,

@30/05/2007 hazeen hasrat

posted by Rashneek Kher

Anonymous said...

Shafiq Qadri,
Well in the last 18 years of having not lived among you , we had thought maybe you would have become civilised.
Unfortunately you all haven't changed and your language speaks for it.
You all are Pandit killers,Jehadis and A threat to world peace

Shali Amit said...

It not only killed my body it killed my soul, And the world remained silent.....

I am Alive but my Soul is Dead....
I am not living just surviving....
I am battling to keep breathing, whileas my heart is smoldering....

I remember the frenzy atop mosque megaphones....
The sound of the Guns & Bombs still raging in my ears....
The Blood stained Roads.....
The Closed Schools.....
My brethren Killed....
Freedom Snatched.....
My Childhood Snatched....
My Land Snatched.....
Women raped....Men killed...Even children were not spared...
Temples destroyed ..... Houses burnt....

And the World Remained Silent

Amit Shali
for Roots in Kashmir


Shali Amit said...

The problem with you people is that you commit a sin & then put allah forth to wash your ass off those sins (Jehad / Fatwas all crap). No matter where you go in the world see what your community is doing -- whethre it be Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, everwhere they are making this world a hell, cos they eventually will find a sure shot place in hell with their sins.

Shali Amit said...

Mushtaq Ganai

Listen up you!!! We know who is a well wisher & who's a foe. If your fight was with the Indian Army & the Govt, why did you order for the exile of Kashmiris. Justify that, if you are a man with some sanity & truth left in yourself, you won't.
Justify the killings...
Justify the exile...
Justify the trauma...
Justify the burnt temples...

Those pakis are using you, against India, see where India is going with the 4th Largest Economy in the world, & where have you taken kashmir. You made it just like pakistan, the hell.

Shali Amit said...

Shafiq Qadri

You were not standing on the highway, counting em all. Get real beta, don't rely on hearandsay, use your brains, anyways you ppl have neither a brain nor a heart, that's why you all are alike - mercenaries, terrorists & foolish.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amit

You may not like it but you have lost it already...You left because you thought one day you will come to a kashmir with no muslims...alas that did not burn in sun

Shafiq Qadri

Anonymous said...

Dear Sahfiq Bhai, Aadab !

Let me clarify that we have never dreamt of going back to Kashmir wherein there are no Kashmiri muslims. This is not a fight against Kashmiri Muslims but only against the so called 'jehadis' who have taken up the cause of ruining Kashmir for their personal gains.

The ties with the Kashmiri muslims are so strong that in spite of staying so away , I almost interact with my Muslim friends in the valley almost every week.We never forget to wish them on the eve of 'Eid' or any muslim festival.
If any of my Kashmiri Muslim friends needs any help from me, they are pretty confident that I will be there to help them.After our exodus from Kashmir, We still visit Kashmir regularly and get in touch with our old muslim friends who are well educated and think above these religious grounds.

The time will come soon when the commom masses of Kashmir will raise their voice aginst these ' Jehadis' , who will have to finally die or leave kashmir for ever.

You statement that the KPs are burning under sun shows that in your inner heart , you still feel the pain thru' which the Kashmiri pandits are going currently.

May God bless you all !!!!!

Satish Kaul

Shali Amit said...

Shafiq Qadri

Yeah ur rite, I was a 10 Year old boy then, & had I been in my youth, I would have given you back what you deserve, An eye for an eye. What sins are you talking about, you killed the innocent, in your gorilla war, stabbing in the back, you are cowards, did you ever face the bullet in the face. You fought for a autonomous state, free of India & Pandits, but you have neither. Its you who has lost it munna. All you get free is Mother's milk, everyhting else comes at a price, but this bloody war of yours will lead you nowhere, even if you were to put everything at stake.

Anonymous said...

Qadri ,

We are not Jallads to wipe out a human race.

After all your father or his father was a pandit once.

We faced the Killers and our prosecuters while as you got assimilated in them.

How can you forget that these Jihadis may have killed one of your ancestors as well

Anonymous said...

We hope that the little Kid holding the Indian tri-color in his hand will soon unfurl the same in Lal chowk , Srinagar.



Mohit said...

I have watched this blog with a lot of curiosity since the time its link was mailed to me by a friend. I have gone through it again and again and have read the comments to very carefully. Being a INDIAN Kashmiri Pandit, I beg to differ from most of you guys. Though you may find my comments a bit sour and leave a bad taste in the mouth.

1) I find the Kashmiri Community both Hindus and Muslims a thankless community. I say this because we remember and forget things at will. I see a lot of blame put on India for the woes of Kashmiri Pandits and Kashmiri Muslims. Both are crying foul, Hindus for the migration from the Valley and the subsequent apathy. Muslims for the atrocities by the armed forces to curb militancy. I want to remind people that the honour of J&K State in 1947, 1962, 1965, 1974 and Kargil war was saved by Indians who fought bravely on the borders. How many Kashmiris are there in Military Forces; I don't think many. It is a Marathi,a Rajasthani,a UPite, a Bihari, a guy from Kerala, Andhra or Tamil Nadu and they still consider themselves. How can we so thankless to the country where our forefathers have lived and died. It is a shame for the people who fought for our Independence. I am an INDIAN first and a Kashmiri later.

2) The killings of Hindus and there migration beyond doubt is a sad event in the history of a state which has been an example of secularism but then blaming each other is not a solution to this problem. How can we forget that there were so many Hindus which were saved by their Muslim neighbours and how can Muslims forget the contribution that Hindus have made to their growth and prosperity. I condemn each and every person who blames the other for what has happened in the past. Lets on not burn the bridges that we have to cross in the future.

3) As a Kashmiri I see that all blame is put on the government when something goes wrong in our lives: Cow has stopped giving milk, may be Government is responsible for it!

We need to be more proactive and stand for ourselves rather than asking the Government for everything. Lets go back and go through the History of Israel and learn from them. I am not asking for a Bloody Revolution but what I mean is that we need to learn from their tenacity, patriotism and determination to live as an Independent and a Free Nation.

~Jai Hind

Mohit Kaul

Anonymous said...

If extremist KPs are calling their exit from Kashmir as a genocide then they need to look at places like Darfur, Rwanda etc to see what the meaning of genocide is. In the mean time read what the normal KPs have to say:

Valley Pandits to approach Salahuddin, GeelaniGK NEWS NETWORK

Srinagar, June 1: An organization of Kashmiri Pandits who didn't leave the Valley when almost all the Pandits left en masse during early nineties, accusing the government of treating them as second-class citizens, on Friday decided "to apprise United Jehad Council Chairman and Hizbul Mujahideen supremo Syed Salah-ud-Din and Hurriyat (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani about their problems."
Local news agency CNS quoting S Kumar the president of the organization, Kashmiri Pandit Sangharsh Samiti, said, "The government has muzzled the voice of Pandits living in the Valley. Pandit organizations working outside the state accuse us of being traitors because we didn't migrate with other Pandits. The Pandits living in the Valley for the last 18 years are facing tremendous problems and the old temples have been looted by vested interests."
He said 952 Pandit families comprising 4000 people are living in various areas of Kashmir Valley. Kumar said the Pandits have decided to approach Syed Salah-ud-Din and Syed Ali Shah Geelani through media to apprise them about their problems.

http://www.greaterk full_story. asp?Date= 2_6_2007&ItemID=39&cat=1

kamal hak said...

"Sharnarthi Shivir"
- Agnishekhar

Yeh Rasta
Marghat se hokar jata hai
Mere Sharnarthi Shivir ko
Todhta hai niyam Kal ke
Bachhey kheltey hai yahan din bar
Budhey phoonktey hain bidiyan
Jama hoti hai unki jhuriun main avsadh
Kitni adeekh fasal hai
Hamari ghayal smritiyun ki yahan
Yeh Rasta
Marghat se hokar pahunchta hai
Hamarey paas
Jahan hum har bar
Hazaroon bar
Dohratey hai ek hi mantra

Yembarzal said...

An urge to relate to roots,
An urge to be in the laps of mother.
An attempt to over bear the agony,
An attempt to get it over and forever.
A pain of exile to overcome,
A pain of unrelatedness shown,
A sense of belonging to revive,
A sense of ownership to reclaim.
Come on, my men of strength !! You still have lots to do,
Before finally sitting to cherish acclaims and miniscule achievements and intelligence,
For my brother, intelligence not used is like unused and hidden treasure.
Explore and exploit you power and strength,
To embark on yet untreated path …
Claim your land, your own motherland,
To show where we belong,
For this is which is ours …
Very own….
But remember…
There’s none to stand with you,still my dear, don’t frail ,
Don’t give up, don’t stop.
You have that power with you, power of youth and power of faith, faith in your strive.
This is the time to express, express your long kept silence in actions.
Actions that will speak for your strength and power.
The silence that until now world kept,
Ought to be broken by your actions and faith.
So come on my brave, let’s show the world,
Together we were and together we will be
United we were and united we will be.
Remember ….
For if its not now, it never would be again.

kamal hak said...


A poem by Dr. K.L.Chowdhury

At Sangrampora
They picked seven sleeping men
From their homes at dead of night.
Seven men, sixteen to sixty
from five families
And gleefully shot them dead
in the open.
The spared the female sex
and children.
Spared their lives for a small price
of being widowed and orphaned.
Who says the gun totting 'boys'
don't have a religion.

Sanjay Peshin said...

I was a 10 yr old kid,when I left my motherland.I havent even full blossom of Kashmir,but was knowing how many ppl were killed in cross firing..Two ppl were burnt alive in front of me..4 major bomb blasts happened in front of me..On dreadful night of 20th Jan,90 ,my mom took me in her arms,saying that atleast wear the Chappals...I hv seen massacres in front of my eyes,which I cldnt forget even by now..

21 bullets in one and half yr old child & they call it a JEHADH..Wonder even how could they face the mirror..Are they humans..?..They shuldnt been even called animals..

Anonymous said...

everything is all right, but how to
expose the wolves in sheeps clothing
within our own community.
Mohan Lal Ash, sold our ancestral property in Bijbehara and is holding a respectable place in the cultural
fourms of Kashmir. A shame

Neha Tickoo

Rabia said...

Ham india se badla lain ke us ke muzalam ka. no doubt time is comming.
May Allah Bless our Mujahedeen.

Anonymous said...

NO Muslim ,No Pandit but Humanity has suffered in Kashmir, When I look at the grieving and helpless faces of KP`s I feel the Pain,My Heart starts aching , My breathe turns into sighs and I feel like killing myself. I just weep and weep and weep till my tears dry. When I look at the helpless and strife torn face of a Kashmiri Muslim my heart again starts aching ,I feel like suffocating , tears fill my eyes and begin to roll down my eyes , my heart bleeds , I want to come out of this pain , I want to comfort and console both , I want to hug both coz there resides a small valley called Kashmir in me.