Wednesday, May 30, 2007


at Delhi, in Sri Satya Sai Internationl Centre, Main Auditorium, Pragati Vihar, Lodhi Road, (adjacent to NBCC building), on 20th June,6.30 PM

at Jammu,at Amar Singh Club,on 20th June,6.30 PM

at New Jersey,USA,Crown Plaza,MeadowLand 6-8 July,07

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ashish of barzulla said...

shame on the indian system of managing minorities.

Why the hell can`t declare Kashmiri pandits as Internally displaced persons. Hang Afzal guru.The killer of Indian soldiers.

Why professor geelanl is roaming free
in delhi. SHAME.

ashish of barzulla said...

Indian state is quiet on plight of kashmiri pandits, becoz there is no VOTE BANK FACTOR involved.

The two serial killers are now freely roaming in srinagar ( Yaseen Malik) and (Bitta Karate).

They killed defence personnel and same defence personnel have to guard these two Idiots under instructions from India. SHAME.

The Indian government is not interested in our WELFARE.

ashish of barzulla said...



STOP terrorism. Its worse than HIV.

ashish of barzulla said...


India needs BAL THACKREY.The well wisher of kashmiri pandits.

ashish of barzulla said...

save kashmir pandits , save Kashmir and ultimately India.

Those who turned kashmir into a hell,will pay the price and are paying the price.

Our eyes will WATCH.

Appeal to kashmir muslims: Think Rationally who is well wisher and who is DEVIL.

kolohoi said...

Indian government has been run by eunuch,especially over the last two decades.They lack the spine,the guts,and probably a whole lot of other vital organs which are essential to distinguish a human of character from a primate.Its pointless pleading in front of such spinesless 'organisms'..Lets gather for the screening and encourage wider partcipation so that the voice in chorus creates some impact on the 'dead' ears.

Ahmed Nazeer said...

It is time for Kashmiri Pandits to understand that they have to reconcile with Kashmiri Muslims or else face extinxtion

INDIAN said...

Ahmed Nazeer....don't put such instigating remrks in public as it may lead to ur community's extinction from this very planet.. i hope to have clarified the ruckus in ur unholy and dishonest mind....


Sanjay said...

Media is popular mean to convey your message to word, RIK has taken good initiative for Kashmir pundits in highlighting KP exodus and the atrocities suffered from Islamic fundamentalist. There is no point looking for help from Indian government or state government, both have their own priorities and we don't fit any one's plan. Our small scale community can't put one MLA in assembly, we don't form vote bank for any political party, so to expect any help from political establishment is futile. Government of India has also failed in protecting our rights, our cultural places are being vandalized, property left by KP are being acquired at nominal prices. The trauma suffered by our community is beyond repair, it will take one generation to recover from exodus shock. I don't know what we should reconcile with KM's, what should we forget - how we were driven out of valley - how our brothers/sisters were killed in cold blood - how our neighbors turned against us - how our religious/spiritual places were burnt. At least by highlighting in media and creating sense of urgency in international arena we might be able to put some pressure on Indian and state government to take us seriously.

my 2 cent.

Amit said...

ofcourse v are a selfish community. v may compare ourselves to jews but the fact is that by sayin so v r insulting jews. evey jew mother used to tell her child about the true homeland, the orginal land. v r even ashamed to speak to kids in kashmiri. 90% of kids i know don't even speak a word of kashmiri.

Amit Raina

pooja said...

it will be not be long before KPs will return..
afterall we are the true inhabitants of the valley..!!!

and this truth can never be erased

Anonymous said...

To Ahmed Nazeer,
What kind of reconciliation are you talking about? U forced us out of our ancestral homes & killed our brothers n sisters selectively, what else u expect to do?
We as a race might perish but God almighty will ensure that your race is damned into hell for eternity!! We did not raise so much as a little finger in protest aginst your atrocites...magar yaad rakhna tumhe hamari Hai lagegi. U hv got Kashmir for now but ur people will crave for a peaceful day!

Be damned in Kashmir.

Anonymous said...

Whether you guys like it or have to live in Kashmir with better submit to us than this sick GOI

Ahmed Nazeer

Anonymous said...

Yunan, Misr , Roma ...sab mit gaye yahan se
Ab tak hai magar baki...namoon nishaan hamara

kashmiri pandits would survive inspite of the Jehadis

Radhika Koul said...

To Mr. Ahmed, and to all Kashmiri Muslims - lets get this straight.

We don't want any race to perish (we are not nazis) and nor do we want your or for that matter any race to be damned. Kashmiri Muslims are today majority stake-holders in Kashmir (we respect that fact) and have also contributed enormously to Kashmir's culture and literature. But you've also contributed to something much more important.

History will tell you that at some time, before the advent of Islam in India, Kashmir was inhabited by us and us alone.

Islam, a beautiful religion, then came to Kashmir, but it was brought by arms that knew only violence. Arms that knew only to convert the Hindus, burn their temples, and often massacre them or just expel them from their own homeland.

Through all these centuries right from the 12th, we have suffered, and borne it all- often too silently.
Through all these centuries, after all the exoduses - we still lived with Muslims, we did "reconcile".

If Kashmiri Pandits will face extiction (and I ask your truly benign Allah that that day may never arrive) - it will be because of YOUR incomprehensible inability to "reconcile", your inability to learn from us.

After the silence of 9 centuries, today we want to shout. We want to tell the world what has happened to this small unknown, overshadowed community of ours. And we want to tell you - open your eyes and see the truth.

On the 20th of June, nothing but the truth will be shown and nothing but the truth shall be discussed - and so you are the first person I invite to the PHD-CCI Hall for the screening.

Make sure to be there.

Sunil said...

This documentary is an eye opener for the so-called intellectuals and human rights activists like Nandita Haksar, Arundhati Roy, Medha Pathkar,Sanjay Kak who are openly supporting the killers of Kashmiri Pandits. It is a shame on these people who term the terrorism in Kashmir as the "Freedom Movement". These people have sold their conscience.


kamal hak said...

Hawa ke jhonkun mei teri khushbu doondtey hain. Khayalun ki beedh main teri yaad doondtey hain. Waqt ke guzarney mein teri kami doondtey hain. Tere jazbaat mein apna ziqr doondtey hain. Teri panahoon main apni zameen doondtey hain. Hamrari bhi majboori dekho- aapney hi dostun main apne katil doondtey hai. Bhula diya ho hamein jahan ney- hum na bhoolein gey apni maati ko. Aapni sare zameen ke zare zare ko apne hi qatilon ke paroan tale doondtey hai.

Hamari khoj ko koi kamzori na samjhey- apne bulandh hosley main apni kismat doondtey hai.

pooja said...

even after confronting constant problems of screening the movie in auditoriums...
[with strange reasons being suggested]
RIK will definately screen a movie.:_ on the june 20th.....

pooja shali

Anonymous said...

what problems with auditoriums... if there is problem contact campaign against censorship...

Anonymous said...

I believe Muslims and Pandits should form a common platform to ensure that they talk among themselves.Without Pandits Kashmir is incomplete and Muslims will be a majority so Pandits have to live with them.
Brotherhood is essential...come let us join hands

Haseeb Kaw

Anonymous said...

To miss Radhika.. i appretiate what u said.. & i do belive that kp's hve contributed for kashmiri culture & i think due to this very fact kashmir should be more dear to you guys than us... BUT THEN HOW COULD YOU LEAVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL HOME AWAY JUST CUZ THE THEN GOVERNER OF KASHMIR Mr guys thought that Jagmohan will wipe out the kashmiri Muslim community in a month & you guys will rule kashmir at ease. didnt ya.but things went round..Inspite of 90 thou dead kashmiri Muslims we still hve our land.atleast we are not cowards like you.we still have got Kp's living with us.. those who were not traitors like you, those who didnt listened to jagmohan.if they will say kashmir belongs to them IT SURE DOES.not to those who fled like flees.this is the reason why you guys are suffering wherever you are.thats why in Jammu the Dogri guys are still beating ur head off cuz they know.. U GUYS ARE NOT TRUST can decieve anyone at anytime..& the bitter truth is.. YOU HVE LOST KASHMIR FOREVER.. YES FOREVER..


Anonymous said...

@anonymous signing off as Tigerwoods (don't bring discredit to respectful people by associating your unpious anonymous tag with tigerwoods), KPs are not trustworthy but Kashmiri Jehadis are.Kashmiri "Jihadis" tortured and murdered their own KP neighbours.I wonder what your definition of deception is.It certainly is not usurping the land and properties which rightfully belonged to KPs. You and your ilk unrepentently spilled KP blood thinking that "Azadi" was just a hair's breadth away. The least those murderer "Jihadis" can do it to apologize to KPs for their sinful deeds.
Good be kind to you.

Shali Amit said...


You think you have a lot of courage swelling deep under your skin, I bet your ass, why don't you log in using your real name. Or your mother hasn't given one to you, since she may not know, whose dirty blodd u were. Asshole you don't understand the talk, all you understand is a slap, that Pakistan has given you on your asses.
Get Real & stop day dreaming u sucker.

Shali Amit said...

Ahmed Nazeer
If your atttiude & dirtyt blood remains dirty, I sware by your allah you will be eliminated from the face of the earth, as if you never existed. So convey to your brethren also, get real or perish. Sudar Jao Abhi bhi time hain otherwise you all will have to pay for your sins.