Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Liberals or Hypocrites by Nishant Dudha

The urban Indian intellectuals proudly declare themselves as liberals. They do not stop there, they go a step ahead and claim themselves to be the reason for the existence of Indian nation state and everything good that India stands for. Everything that this nation has managed to uphold, despite naysayer’s prediction about us 60 years ago.
This may be true to some extent, but I wonder how to define this India liberalism, that makes messiahs of monsters. That allows secessionist venom to be spewed in the name of “Freedom of Expression” but scoffs at ultra-nationalism. That loves to label MinorityAppeasement as Affirmative Action but when the recipient of appeasement is Majority, it is quick to label it as Fundamentalism.
All these questions used to arise in my mind at different points of time, but what has collated them is the following sequence of events.
Kamla Nehru College (Delhi University) authorities allowed RIK to screen a movie “And the world remained silent” followed by a panel discussion about this alternate perspective of truth nation refuses to see.
A few days later they revoke the permission assigning the cause as non-availability of proper facilities. And now we get to know, in the same time slot and on the same day another movie is being screened at the same venue.
I can’t fathom the reason, the question that arises inmy head which possibly you could help me find ananswer to is:
"Is Indian intelligentsia Liberal or Hypocrite? "

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