Sunday, August 19, 2007

Screening at Maharaja Agrasen Collge

One more screening,one more day of learning.It was interesting experience for all of us when the movie was screened to a 125 odd students and some teachers at the Maharaja Agrasen College.A large section of the students were Journalism students so the discussion after the screening was thought provoking to say the least.Kashmir issue is so mired and vexed that it is impossible to even suggest solutions without fraying tempers and raising eyebrows.The panelists Vinod Verma(Leftist leaning intellectual) and Madhusree Chatterjee of Hindustan Times raised vital issues and the discussion did go beyond Kashmir.The minority question and treatment of minorities as an issue did come around.Students joined in and new perspectives to the problem were seen and some brushed aside.As a moderate,liberal and modern initiative "Roots in Kashmir" has always encouraged persepctives,ideas and solutions which are different than ours.It was one such effort to reach out and discuss and maybe explore the "new dimension".A humanitarian view of the Pandit problem would help the nation raise it better said Madhusree.Vinod stressed the need for a more inclusive agenda wherein we as a nation could address marginalised populations,Pandits being one.
The curtain however came down when a student asked Rashneek to answer in Yes or No and the question was"Do you think that the Pandit problem is being swept under the carpet to appease the minorities in general in India" and Rashneek answering Yes.
Hope to see you this Friday ie 24th Aug at Kamla Nehru College at 2.30 PM.
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Rajesh Pandit said...

Wonderful effort.Keep up the good work. Let the God give you all the powers and strength to move on.