Thursday, September 6, 2007

AAJ TAK exposes Home Ministry,Government of India on the basis of an RTI filed by RIK

AAJ TAK Editor Mr.Deepak Chaurasia
TV Grab mentioning how government is unaware of the dreaded terrorist

RIK Activist Aditya Raj Kaul

TV Grab showing Bitta Karate after his release from the Jail.
That Bitta Karate is a dreaded compulsive killer was always known to us.Yet when we tried to ask the Ministry of Home Affairs,Government of India,all they had to tell us that they have no information regarding the dreaded terrorist.
We are thankful to AAJ TAK for exposing the laxity with which this government handles issues related to terrorism.You will all be surprised to know that the state government hasn't even framed charges against the dreaded terrorist.The TADA designated judge Mr.Wani while giving his judgement on releasing Bitta Karate said the following"The court is aware of the fact that the allegations levelled against the accused are of serious nature and carry a punishment of death sentence or life imprisonment but the fact is that the prosecution has shown total disinterest in arguing the case, which is in complete violation of Article 21 of the Constitution, Wani observed"
Excerpts of his interview with "Newstrack"
NT: Whenever you used to murder someone, was it always Ishfaq’s Ahmad Wani’s order or did you kill people on your own as well?
BK: No. I never used to kill anybody on my own. We used to get orders from higher up. Leader used to give orders.
NT: So you used to get orders to kill anybody and you used to kill them?
BK: Yes.
NT: Whosoever it would be?
BK: Yes. Whosoever it would be.
NT: Even if he would have asked you to kill your real brother?
BK: Yes. I would have killed.
NT: Even if he would have asked you to kill your own mother?
BK: Yes I would have killed.
He is a free man today waiting to kill more people.Through this blog we wish to create public awareness about this compulsive killer.Help us bring this dreaded killer to justice.


Sameer Gupta said...

Shocking to the core...Aaj Tak expose is timely ! Government of India should wake up o else Judiciary should take action as early as possible.

Anil said...

We all along knew the truth - BUT thanks to Aaj Tak for bringing it to the Indian masses! Also they should expose Yasin Malik - the killer of innocent Indian AirForce personnel in Srinagar. They should investigate as to who is paying for this killers' comfort ....
his overseas visits, his five star stays and his best medical care while the families of his victims are suffering. What was their fault? Just because they were patriotic and made the ultimate sacrifice!

soman Dhar said...

Congrats RIK for doing a great service to the community and the country.

Best wishes for the rally on sunday.