Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kashmiri Pandits Protest against Communal Propaganda over Amarnath Shrine

Associated Press

Pandits protest `communalisation` of Amarnath land issue
New Delhi, June 29: Scores of Kashmiri Pandits on Sunday took to the streets in the national capital to protest the "communalisation and politicisation" of the Amarnath shrine land issue.
The protestors under the aegis of 'roots in Kashmir' blocked traffic at Jantar Mantar for some time and criticized Governor N N Vohra for deciding not to pursue the transfer of forestland to the shrine board for developmental activities.
The activists also burnt the effigies of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leaders Mehbooba Mufti and Muzaffar Baig and JKLF'S Yasin Malik for allegedly communalising the issue.
Criticising the Governor, who also heads the board, the protestors claimed that the transfer of land benefit locals as well as pilgrims.
Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed violent protests over the past few days after the state government decided to transfer forestland to the shrine board for developmental activities.
"The ongoing crisis in the state is a well crafted exercise by separatists and some anti-national forces. It comes at a time when the pilgrimage to the shrine is in progress. The furore that has been created over the simple transfer of land clearly reveals the real agenda of these forces," Amal magazine of 'roots in Kashmir' said.
Jantar Mantar, New Delhi

Photographs: Special Arrangement

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Pooja Shali said...
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RajeshK Upmanyu said...

Amarnath is Worth a Million Protests.
Shiva is the Ultimate of whole being.
If we don't get our SHIVA as desired by us -We are nothing but 'SHAVA-Dead'

Let's not get into the trap of Kashmiri separatists who are dividing kashmiri Pandit from rest of Hindus....It a 'SHADYANTRA'....

It's time for all Hindus of the country to awaken and set Unifrom Civil Code in Order themselves as the Govt has successively failed to deliver.

Separatist Actions have reached suffocating levels.....

Anonymous said...

Was violent protests by separatists and PDP justified?

Was ethnic cleansing and mass murder of Kashmiri Hindus justified?

Was violent attack on Taslima Nasreen by radical muslims justified?

Was felicitation of pervert MF Hussain after he drew our goddesses naked justified?

Was attack on Mandirs after cartoons of Mohd came out justified?

Was mass genocide in Nandigram by left following their bandh justified?

Was destruction of religious world heritage Shri Ram Setu justified?

Was ranting of venom against god Shri Ram by congress and Karunanidhi justified?

Is it justified to fund Haj subsidies with Hindus selfless donations in mandirs?

If yes, then this bandh is justified. I totally support this bandh. It is high time this govt. and all the so-called secular parties are held responsible for their communal anti-hindu actions. First they destroyed our religious world heritage Shri Ram Setu, then god Shri Ram didn't exist, then Karunanidhi ranted venom, then muslims have first right on everything in india, and now this. Enough is enough.

Jai Shri Ram! Vande Matram!