Friday, July 4, 2008

And they showed there true colours.

The land transfer to the SASB washed off the façade of goodness that the Kashmiri Muslims had worn on themselves over the years.It just showed that nothing has changed in the valley.They are what they were,bloodthirsty and communal zealots.Even after they had forced half a million Pandits out of the valley they could not even accept that 40 acres of land will be taken out for a pilgrimage.They suck.As they bullied the impotent Ghulam Nabi into having the land order revoked,it showed that the only colour that they knew of was green.Yes Green of Islam,of Pakistan and of Jealously.
The alibi of demographic change and environmental pollution got immersed in the roars of “Hum Kya Chahte-Aazaadee” and “Nara-e-Taqbeer-Allah-o-Akbar”.It only dawned on us later that these slogans were Greenpeace slogans emanating out of the Green Syed Ali Shah Geelani.So much of greenery and someone cried pollution.
The government as usual bowed in total submission to the Green.Poor Azad was a Ghulam to the mercurial Mehbooba(Mehbooba…Meh-booba).She pulled the rug and Ghulam Nabi fell.Even in abject disgrace he did not forget that he was a Ghulam.True to his masters,Meh-booba,Mufti,Syed he revoked the order that they wanted revoked.What else do we expect of a Ghulam.Sajjad Lone and Mirwaiz, whose fathers have been killed by the same terrorists who they support today, celebrated and called it a victory.True,a victory it is.A victory of those who killed your fathers. A victory of those who both of you are so scared of that you cannot even say that they killed your father. A Victory Indeed.
Now as Ghulam Nabi counts his losses and faces heat in Jammu,the Kashmiri Muslims can celebrate because the only Sikh who does not deserve to have a Singh in his name is the Prime Minister.A Prime Minister who is a Ghulam in his own way to a Catholic.The Catholic who runs the nation through this Mohan has a clear design. Denigrate Hinduism and let Abrahmic religions rule the roost. The less we talk about the Home Minister the better it is.
And did we hear the Mirwaiz and his other stooges say,”Let the Pandits handle the Yatra”
It is ironic that in this hour of mayhem Mirwaiz remembers Pandits.It is communal powers like him and his ilk who forced minority Pandits to flee the valley by issuing threats from the very mosques that his father controlled at that time.Isn’t he even ashamed of saying “Give the Yatra to the Pandits to handle”.Where are the Pandits.The last count was 4000 Pandits in the valley.It was them who issued threats from blaring loudspeakers of the mosques asking Pandit Kafirs to leave.How come do they expect to even believe them? What political opportunism is this Mirwaiz ?
Why did he not say that the temple bill be passed and Pandits be given the powers to handle their temples and Shrines.Why did he not to the streets with his furious followers then?Why did he not raise the ante when hundreds of Pandit Shrines and temples were desecrated, destroyed and razed to ground.Did he remember us then? He alongside Syed Ali Shah Geelani has proved to be a rabble rouser and is responsible for the Islamisation of the Kashmir Valley. They are responsible for the loss of innocent lives by blowing up a trivial issue.The very premise of environmental degradation and demographic change fall flat in the face of a reasoned argument. What credibility can such a person’s statement have except to be trashed?
He has already paid a price for siding with the extremists? He should remember that the very Al-Umar Mujahideen he is believed to control maybe his nemesis. We wonder if he wants Pandits to control the Yatra just because he knows that they can be driven away anytime.Let him put his proposal in a hookah and smoke it out .
The Media especially the liberal,moderate,english media has played its part.They portrayed the rabble rousing Kashmiri Muslims as Greenpeace activists who were fighting for a just cause,while the Dogras and Pandits as rabble rousers.Of late they have simply blocked the news emanating out of Jammu.Hard as they may try the movement will not stop.
The Congress will pay a huge price for displeasing the Hindus.No more are Kashmiri Pandits sitting back in the quiet confines of their homes.With their Dogra brothers they are braving the curfew,the lathis and even the bullets.As the Ghulam tries his best to break the movement either by cutting off electricity in the night or by jamming mobiles,he should know that the Hindus have arisen.We will give him and his cronies a bloody nose and till the time the land is not given back to the SASB,the fight will go on.


pamuvi said...

My heart bleeds for jammu and kashmir. i am a dogra myself, i can understand the pain and anger you feel. its a sad time for us that a minor issue was blown out of proportion by partisan politics. there is no doubt in my mind that the situation will worsen from here. i dont know what is the solution to this problem, but i do know that the solution will not come out of hatred or anger against our muslim brothers in the valley of kashmir. i wish we could learn to live in some harmony....

Swaminathan said...

It is understandable that the Congress Party, led by Italian Ms Sonia Gandhi, will have no sympathy for Hindu senseibilities.

However it is no different for Mr Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and his daughter Ms Mehbooba Mufti.

Many will recall that it was at the time of Mr Mufti Mohammad Sayeed as Home Minister in 1989, I think, that the Pandits of Kashmir were set upon and forced to flee their homes. It is the Mufti who is primarily responsible for this flight which has now become almost permanent.

There is a solution to the Kashmir problem which right thinking Indians would like to advocate.

Let us settle in Kashmir thousands of persons from other parts of India such as Malayalees, UP and Bihar origin persons, Tamilians, Kannadigas so that the population balance changes in favor of Hindus.

This is what Israel has done to the Gaza Strip and this is what we should do the Kashmir Valley.

If there is a war with Pakistan over this issue let us have one and finally settle this vexed question.

I hope that the BJP which is poised to win the next election will make this part of their Manifesto and seek votes from all over the country for such a stand.

The families of Jawaharlal Nehru, the Sheikh Abdullah, Mufti have ruined this country by allowing the Kashmir issue to fester.

The time has now come to call the bluff of the Muslim Mullahs, the Hurriyat, and ofcourse Pakistan.

Will the Indian politician have the guts to do so? Does not seem likely. It will require a strong Govt formed by the Hindus to execute such a plan. Let us pray to God Almighty that soon we get a govt that can execute this policy.

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Ajaz Ahmed Kashmiri said...

Thank you so much Pamuvi for your just and balanced view point. I would say that Kashmiris (both Muslims and pundits), Dogras and Ladakhis should unite and struggle for the freedom of Jammu and kashmir. OR at least Indian govt should allow Kashmiris, Dogras and Ladakhis to decide about the future of the sate as promised by Indian govt and United Nations. Whether people decide for India, Pakistan or Independence, the decision must be respected by all.

God bless people like you who are free from communal hatred.

Varad Sharma "Varenya" said...

Kashmir is incomplete without KASHMIRI PANDITS.Thanks for throwing light on the holy BARFANI BABA's CAVE!

Ajaz Ahmed Kashmiri said...

Varad......who said that Kashmir is complete without Pundits. Remember that there are thousands of Pundits, if not lakhs, who chose to be in Kashmir and bear the pain together with Kashmiri Muslims. Nobody is killing them. I can understand the situation in which pundits left valley, there was cloud of fear. But then as a Kashmiri,you should come back and see yourself how Muslims will welcome your coming back. I will be the first to welcome.

varad sharma said...

ajaz you also know very well that islamic fundamentalists in kashmir were responsible for throwing KP's out of kashmir...

Ajaz Ahmed Kashmiri said...

I agree partly. I understand the fear in which Muslims live in India during communal riots. Similarly I understand the situation for Pundits where in during the 1990. But you are forgetting millitants killed both pundits as well as muslims. you have to accept that Jagmohan played his role to evacuate Pundits to deal with the uprising. I agree some millitants did some excesses. But at the end of day you should have faced it and like Muslims did. I am sure that you will agree that general public did not want pundits to leave and even helped many pundits during 17 day long curfew imposed by Jagmohan. I ask you a question......Tell me honestly....Dont you really feel that non kashmiri public (not polotical parties)treated you better than Kashmiri Muslims? Trust me general public in Kashmir still want you to be back in Kashmir provided Pundit brothers do not indulge in any spying and sabbotage the freedom struggle which Kashimirs are fighting for all Kashmiris irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

Varad Varenya said...

Jagmohan saved KP's..KP's survived due to Jagmohan..I am not against Muslims.Muslim people are our brothers..Why freedom?from India..
J&K is the crown of INDIA.

Ajaz Ahmed Kashmiri said...

Trust me Varad... Kashmiri pundits are not compatible with Indian hinuds and Kashmiri Muslims are not compatible with Pakistani or Indian Muslims. Kashmiris are very different from both Indians and Pakistanis with respect to race, culture, language, geography,behviour etc. Inspite of all this, Kashmiris rejected Pakistan and opted for India in 1947. Then you know what happened. India disrespected the agreement.How many people know that Kashmir had its own prime minister till 1964 as per the agreement.Where is the Prime Mnistrer of Kashmir now? India betrayed us.You know very well that even pundits have not been treated well by non Kashmiris outside the valley. At the end of the day, let people exercise the right of self determination. With the passage of time one cannot be denied the right. Right remains right. This is justice.

Da Eternal Rebel said...

Azaz, if Kashmiri Muslims are not compatible with Indian Muslims, they have a choice to leave Kashmir and go where ever they wish. Not a single inch of land will be given to any separatist now! We have lost enough and thats the end of it. And to make Kashmiri Muslims compatible with other Indians, I suggest the scrapping of Article 370 and settlement lakhs of Jats, Punjabis, Biharis, Marathis in Kashmir. Hope they will then learn how to cope with rest of India. For a state which cannot survive for 1 month without ration from rest of India, look at its ungratefulness ! India didnot betrayed you Kashmiris, you betrayed India !

Ajaz Ahmed Kashmiri said...

Were Indians are also ungrateful to Britishers who provided railways, education system, good administration etc to Indians. NO. Indians had the right to fight for freedom from British. Similarly, Kashmiiris have the right to gain indpenedence as promised by Indian govt and United nations. We do not want Pakistan either. We have already rejected Pakistan in 1947. Time will only tell who will throw whom. Your hateful comments that Kashmiris should be thrown out of Kashmiri speaks of your communal mindset. Kashmir belongs to Kashmiris (Hindus and Muslims). Time will decide everything.

INDIAN said...


Ajaz Ahmed Kashmiri said...

Dear Indian,

If Kashmir is an integral part of India, how come only 45% of J&K State is under India. What has Govt of India done to rgain the other 55% of J&K? Nothing..Cause if they start doing anything, it will have to leave this 45% as well. It is like if you find two notes of Rs500
on the road and you pick up one note.When you were about to pikc up the other note, someone already picked up. Now you are happy with the one note cause you got it illegaly.Similarly,India did not do anything to regain the other half. That is because it knows if it tries any action,either polotical or millatry,there will be question mark on its claim over Kashmir. How many people in India know that United Nations Military Observers have a big office in the heart of Srinagar.They are not in Mumbai,bangalore, Delhi, Bihar. You have educate your country men that Kashmir is a disputed territory. I am not opposing any Kashmiri or Dogra be hold the opinion that Kashmir SHOULD be a part of India. But let us excercise this right of choice. If India has taken right measure to win the hearts and minds of Kashmiris for the last 60 yrs, probably the chances are that India will get full control of 100% Kashmir as opposed to current 45%.(Keep in mind,arrest of Sheikh Abdullah in 1953,installation of puppet Govt in Kashmir, replacement of Prime Ministership to chief Ministership in 1964,Unilateral decission of dilution of Article 370,military rule, more than 100 thousands innocents deaths by Indian forces (My three cousins included),rapes,custodial deaths,economic degradation,infrastructure, NO POWER, Indus water treaty, only to name a few)