Thursday, August 7, 2008

Champions of "Sickularism"

Strange times,we are living in.The people whose entire polity is based on Hate as prescribed in their religious scriptures seem to be invoking "secularism". In India this term secular has been so badly abused that its synonmn seems to be subjugation of majoity Hindus at the hands of an monolithic vote bank of "peace loving,marginalised& scared Muslims".The policy of "secularism" has been experimented all over all India with great" Success" by the Limousine Liberals ,but nowhere has it been so pronounced and effective as it has been in J&K.It bears a name there,yes an indigenous name,a name whose etymology no one knows.It is called Kashmiriyat.So what exactly does it mean? Well to a lot of Indians which includes Congressmen,Half bred and Ill read Journalists,Bonhomiests and Page 3 people it means " a unique syncretic culture wherein Hindus and Muslims live like brothers as would they live in a Sooraj Barjatya movie".Well who doesnt love the concept of idealistic romance with mush,flowers,chocs,temples & mosques all in symbiotic and syncretic idylic vale.
The only problem with this is that the much hyped Kashmiriyat which people like Karan Thapar and etal invoke everytime is that it has been used as a convenient stick to beat the Hindus of Kashmir.I have often been told that there have been no riots in Kashmir.True,there havent been any.But doesn't it take two to riot.The Hindus of Kashmir have faced the ire of irate Islamists right from the day when the Muslims came to Kashmir.There are hundreds of instances from books of History to suggest that Hindus were forced to convert,their temples were desecrated and thus the real Kashmir was in a way converted to the present day" Islamist paradise "that it is.For those who want to delve deep into the Islamic Iconoclasm and the policy of establishing the rule of Deen may refer to this.As Anantnag beomes Islamabad,Hari Parvat becomes Kohe Maran,Shankaracharya Hill becomes Sulaiman Teng secularism thrives and Kashmiriyat lives on in the drawing rooms of our Limousine Liberals.
We may not have to travel too far in times to know how our Kashmiriyat Wadis stood like mute spectators while their Kashmiriyat was getting raped.At the onset of the Islamist insurgency in 1989 Muslims of the valley went berserk,the mosques became centres of spreading hate and venom,the secularists of today ie Yasin Malik,Mirwaiz Farooq(Omar's father) and the eternal rabble rouser the Geelani went on exhorting people in the name of religion.The very Yasin Malik who today behaves like the last apostle of Peace, went on killing Hindus.In less than three months,in Srinagar city alone,89 Pandits were selectively killed by JKLF of whose Yasin Malik is today the Chariman.The irate mobs shouted "Azzadi ka Matlab kya ...La Illah Illalah","Aesse Gache Kashir Batav Bagaer ti Batnev saan" meaning We want Kashmir without Pandit men but with Pandit women.As all this happened the Kasmiriyat Wadis in the rest of nation slept or went to Hibernation.Half a million souls became refugees and Secularism survived.
That day when we left our home in the middle of the night secularism meant "death to Hindus".This still was just the beginning of my tryst with "sickularism".My mother wept bitterly as I read the news that our house in Bagat-i-Kanipora was torched.My father did not speak to anyone for more than month.We thought he had gone dumb.
Now, as Sajjad Lone gives in his sob story about baby milk not being available in Kashmir,I wish to ask him, Did you and your ilk and that includes your slain father bother to check whether we ever had anything to eat or hide ourselves under? My dear friend..Hatred begets more haterd.You are reaping what you have sown.You are lucky that GoI is with you.They are kiling Hindus so that you may get your dog food.
Everytime a terrorist attack happens,the liberals do not fail to tell us that this is a response to Babri Mosque demolition and Gujarat riots.May I ask them why is it the exclusive privelige of the Muslims alone to take revenge.For one Babri Mosque we have 600 temples desecrated in Kashmir.With my own eyes have I seen shit on the very God I used to offer milk and flowers every morning.We did not kill anyone in retailaition.We did not burst bombs in Muslim localities.We did not run campaigns of hate despite being the worst sufferers of "sickularism".
While I cannot stop anyone from sticking or being in love with anything,I will no longer remain a mute spectator to Islamic terrorism or their quest for turning Darul Harb to Darul Islam.Time has come to meet fire with fire.If they think they can bring the Indian Government on its knees by bringing a couple of thousand rabble rousers on the streets of Kashmir they have more than met their match on the Streets of Jammu.It is now or never.Let,death do us apart believers in Kashmiriyat live in their ill concieved and misunderstood Utopia.It is time to move on Comrades.


manish said...

Nothing has ever stirred me up so much than this piece. Hats oof to you 'master'.

!!! said...

Kashmiriyat - is the biggest hoax perpetrated about Kashmir.

Kashmiriyat meant silent suppression of the minority Hindu's...
And the national media is still blind and deaf to the truth.

-A soul in Exile.

Raj said...

Well written piece, but I differ with the author on the point that there have never been any riots or what our sickular people would term communal riots in Kashmir. The populace of Kashmir was converted on edge of the islamic sword and yes there have been innumerable riots in almost every decade from 1930's - upto which my limited knowledge stretches. Before 1846 A.D., yes there probably was no need to cause riots as the trampling and subjugation of already crushed Kashmiri Hindus was a matter of routine - a daily chore - for the vandals and barbarians who professed Islam and lived by its tenets. Just that our sickular media and sickular polity and macaulian bred sickular intellgensia did not - and still does not - acknowledge those events of violations, surely should not and must not mean that there were no riots. And this was besides what the Kashmiri Hindus tolerated on a daily basis - call them communal molestations, communal thrashings, communal verbal and physical abuse, communal suppression and bias, communal rapes and kidnapping of women, communal deprivation and dispossesion and what not.
Nonetheless, a very good piece of writing which must be brought to the macualian bred general masses of India with compellingly fortified details - and of course, also to the sickular intellgensia through the sickular english media itself. It's time the Indians at large woke up and felt concerned.

Ajaz Ahmed Kashmiri said...

Rashneek Bhai,
"The people whose entire polity is based on Hate as prescribed in their religious scriptures ".How can you blame the school for the fault of students.Can you please quote me from the scriptures?

"There are hundreds of instances from books of History to suggest that Hindus were forced to convert,their temples were desecrated and thus the real Kashmir was in a way converted to the present day" Islamist paradise""...How distorted the history you have read? Forgot about Khani Kahi Moula, Shahi Hamdan's place who was responsible of mass conversion through dialagoue. The nag (small pooja sthan) inside the Khani Kah is witness to peaceful conversion to Islam and secularism of Islam. Forgot about thousands of Kashmri pundits who used to pay respect when passing by Muslims shrines at Dastageer sahib, Khani kah etc.Get updates from your elders instead of communal Jan Sangh.

"Aesse Gache Kashir Batav Bagaer ti Batnev saan". Don't generalize.This may be illiterate lot of the mob. Things have changed now. Kashmiris have become more tolerant , we have seen deaths of beloved at the hands of communal army. Also education has brought light in the masses.
Dont tell me that your are saint when you shout "joote maro saloon ko".....think about it.

"Time has come to meet fire with fire."..Very unfortunate statement.You are bent upon dividing people. If you want to fight face to face with Kashmiris, we are ready but dont become cowards by keeping 7 hundred thousand Indian army in Kashmir against helpless Kashmiris.

Actually, after seeing this site, I thought I will take an initiative to bring Pundits back to Kashmir by visiting Jammau and then talking to leaders in Kashmir.
You have disappointed me...

Jammuisburning said...

good work you boys. The Kind of spunk shown by Kashmiri pAndits and Dogras is worth while. I hope the leaders unite and fight the common enemy which is nothing but Kashmiri imperialism.

We are not against anyone but Kashmiri impearialism

Ajaz Ahmed Kashmiri said...

Dear Rashneek, I am still waiting for your answers to my comments above. Think peacefuly,be honest and then reply....Im waiting...