Tuesday, August 12, 2008

PDP man gets thrashing in his own backyard-by his own people

Dilawar Mir beaten up in Sopore
Excelsior Correspondent
SOPORE, Aug 11: Senior PDP leader and former Minister incharge Horticulture, Mohammad Dilawar Mir had a narrow escape when a gathering of angry fruit growers and traders attacked him near Fruit Mandi last evening. Mir’s car was damaged in the attack.
Eyewitnesses said that Dilawar Mir, who has been yielding considerable influence in the fruit-rich belt of Sopore-Rafiabad-Baramulla and has served two terms as a Minister, appeared to show PDP’s solidarity with the fruit growers. He also wanted to convey PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti’s support to today’s call for march to Muzaffarabad.
Suddenly, a group of fruit growers and residents of Sopore took objection to Mir’s action and dismissed him "one of the killers of Kashmiris". They also expressed their anger against Mir’s party and shouted that it was responsible for creating the current crisis first by allotting land to SASB and later by demanding its cancellation. They lamented that "economic blockade" in Jammu was the result of the same "mischief" by PDP.
Sources said that Mir was quick to beat his retreat and succeeded in escaping though the crowd damaged glass screens of his vehicle.
While declaring PDP’s support to the march, Mehbooba had on Sunday said that two of her party leaders and former Horticulture Ministers, namely Abdul Aziz Zargar and Dilawar Mir, would join the fruit growers’ rally to Muzaffarabad.


KASHUR said...

Guys I have a letter for you-
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Hope it solves the land grab tangle

Anonymous said...

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Ajaz Ahmed Kashmiri said...

Dear Alok and gs, I really do not recollect what your questions were. I never shy away from answering questions.

Dear Rashneek and other pundti frinends,
I sincerely advise you not to become Taliban of India by coming under the influence of Jan Sangh/BJP/RSS/Shiv Saina. Kashmiris (Muslims and Pundits) cannot become Talibanis or Jan Sanghis. Cause this is not in our blood. Our genes are different from them. I invite you to come back to Kashmir. I am ready to visit Jammu after the present crisis subsides and meet the pundit community. I offer to take your proposals to Kashmiri Leaders and try to make your coming back possible with peace and dignity.I will not be visiting your blog/Site from now on as it has only communal (you may not agree)pics and matter. It looks as if Kashmiri Muslims have never done anything good to any Kashmiri Pundits.You can write to me at ajaztam@hotmail.com.
I tell you with great conviction... This is the right time for you to return and live peacefully. You will never ever live with peace outside Kashmir even if you become billionare.I can tell u this cause I was forced by Indian attrocities to leave Kashmir in 1993. I know how I have been weeping and crying to go back to Kashmir and miss it every moment.
Alok and gs, please feel free to write to me....
May God show us all the right path..amien..ajaztam@hotmail.com

KASHUR said...

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Anonymous said...

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Match; well, you have been a mute spectator to atrocities all your life coward...Now, is your turn to watch the match.... When the Indian Army kicks your ass; only then will you realise what India means...Asshole...

Anonymous said...

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