Thursday, October 23, 2008

Made in Pakistan by Kamal Hak

Trading has begun across LOC in Kashmir . The Kashmiri muslims must be feeling happy, excited and great. They will now have the access to the pious produce of their religious fraternity. The quality or price will no longer be a concern. Those considerations are reserved for the things produced by kafirs in Hindustan .

One day in early eighties I was sitting with the owner of United Medical Hall, Kupawara in the course of my duties as a medical representative. It was a good day for business as sowing season had just finished and the villagers were now flocking to either courts for settling scores with their neighbours or to doctors for obtaining prescriptions for glucose bottles.

Gul Saeb of United Medical Hall was a nice and simple man. People also called him khuda dost as he was truly a gentle person who was never provoked into raising his voice. At this particular moment when my attention was focused on exploring the possibilities of reducing the gap between my sales target and achievement; and while I was motivating a salesman to give me the actual stock position of my products I found Gul Saeb engaged in an animated discussion with a Khoja.

“Hak saeb, please explain to Haji Saab.” Gul Saeb turned towards me with visible signs of frustration on his face.

“I want Indral and he is not giving me that.” Khoja informed me.

I found myself a reluctant mediator and in retrospect am glad for that as it has given me a beautiful reminiscence of an extent a Kashmiri muslim can go in the pursuit of his fanatic idiosyncrasy.

Khoja wanted made in Pakistan Indral, which he had earlier purchased at Kralapur, and found better than Indral produced in either England or Hindustan . It is made with Pakh(Pure) water by Pakh people.

Many months later, we are enjoying hot pakora’s while whiling our time in Tej Watul’s cloth shop situated bang in the middle of Jogilanker market in Rainawari. Suddenly there is a commotion across the road in front of Chuni Wattul’s (he was not Watul as Wattals were called but Wattul most probably derived from Wattul Kyom) medical shop. A lady in a traditional mulsim attire of feran and shalwar is mercilessly thrashing a young man. The young man along with the spectators is helpless before her fury. Even Amma Babur’s intervention is of no assistance. The lady is unfurling choicest of curses on the young man, who has now resigned himself to his destiny. Many rolls of cloth wound over wooden rods are lying scattered near the scene and a cycle in a battered condition is also lying flat nearby. Soon a couple of constables appear and save the poor man. They ask the lady the cause of her anger.

“I want my sixty rupees back. I purchased two meters of printed cloth from him for sixty rupees two months back. They cloth didn’t survive a single wash. Now he either returns my money or I send him to cancer ward in Soura.”

“But, Mouji, how could you pay sixty rupees for ordinary cloth which could not have been worth even ten.”

“Do you think I am so clumsy? This illegitimate son of his mother fooled me by claiming the cloth was made in Pakistan .”


nerd said...

LOL, hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Really I was amused to read.It speaks volumes about the Kashmiri Muslim mentality

Parag Sachdeva

ReaLiDealist said...

ha ha
funny ...

Ruheela said...

Neither it seemed funny for me nor it speaks anything different about a particular community. You can found people like that everyone (not only in Kashmir)
And yes, other part of the world always appears green and I feel,
there should be no other part.

sandhya mahajan said...

Infact most of us in J&K who are aware of some ground reality, wanted this trade to begin!
it will give these azadi sloganeers to have a first hand information about the economical and socio-political freedom that is so much lacking across that part.
few days back, i happened to watch a current affairs program on DD Kashir. a correspondent was talking to some locals of PoK and I was stunned to know the prices of commodities there...rice for Rs 100 per kg, tomatoes for Rs.80 and like that.
Also the per capita income in Kashmir is about Rs. 17000 here bt just a paltry sum of 1600 there.

forget about the total roadlength, health facilities, education and last bt not least the central assistance!
What my point is that once kashmiris here get to know the factual position, they might change their minds!
But then, I doubt so because if they stop shouting azadi and anti India slogans, how would they receive funds unlimited, jobs unlimited, electricity unpaid and free media publicity!!!

OMAR said...

what is this
a melodrama
a way to misrepresent
Please tell me how many kashmiri pandits got killed
Please visit my blog to open your eyes

Nasir said...

This Only Speaks About The Biased Mentalities That You People Are Born With. I Have Full Sympathy With The Cognitive Behavioral Problem That Your Community Is Having. Still, Don't Worry Its Treatable.

Anonymous said...

Dude seriously!

For crying out loud! U actually thought it and wrote it!!
Commerce knows no religion man...anywhere in the world. its understandable that what happened to your community was unfortunate and should be reversed asap but stop this whole victimhood shit that most of you guys keep harping on. For all your 5'000 and 5'0000 KP deaths, the on record data is 219 deaths till date!!! And this is the data of the state govt. source it independently if you don't beleive me. The point is, its a conflict zone and crap happens. It happened to your community and its happenning to the Muslims...about 70000 of them died.
I'm from Kashmir and trust me the loss of your community form the social fabric is felt by most of the people I know or have spoken to. Its bizzare that you guys have chosen to be so venomous about the Muslim community of Kashmir.
Its time to mend fences my friend not burn bridges for when that day comes when u actually get to go back home, you might not realise that you dont have any friends left there.
And I mean this is in good faith. Dont post it for all I care.

OMAR said...

This is in response to various elements particularly some elements from the Pandit community who are trying to distort the facts, by trying to say that their migration is a “Supreme” sacrifice. Firstly the movement of the Kashmiri Pandits is known as “Migration”, which literally means to move from one place to another voluntarily, by one’s own free will, in no dictionary could I find that migration could be forced. This is stated by the Government of India when referring to the Kashmir Pandits who moved from Kashmir during early 90’s. Now I want to your attention towards history; looking down at history it is said that the Afghan rule in Kashmir can be said as most tyrant to the pandit community. During the rule of Afghans Pandits were killed ruthlessly, they were humiliated, religious festival like Shivratri was banned, but not many Pandits chose to “migrate”, though there was an departure of Pandits, but it was not on a massive scale, as seen in early 90’s.
Yet another reason given is that there was an ethnic cleansing of the Pandit community. But ethnic cleansing means killing large number of people, belonging to a particular community, so that their number becomes paltry. But nothing of sorts happened in Kashmir. Not more than 50 Pandits were killed during the 90’s. Some Pandits usually claim that death threats were issued to the Pandit community, either to leave Kashmir or get prepared to die, but this is totally false. If such threats were issued, then the miniscule population of Pandits left in Kashmir would have been slaughtered, but nothing like this has ever happened.
The Pandits left Kashmir on the behest of Governor Jagmohan, who wanted to start an ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Muslim’s so that Kashmir would be “Indianised”. The Kashmir Pandits left Kashmir voluntarily, on their own free will, nobody forced them to. Now they are trying to create misconcepts and distort facts. Such things cannot be tolerated. I am amazed by the fact that no Pandit brother has the courage to come forward and speak the truth.
Please visit to know the truth

Anonymous said...

Omar ... check your facts .. Migration is not like a change, so cool a thing to do .. i would not migrate from my homeland coz migrating to other parts of the country would be the best thing to do .. and dude .. I am giving u my own experience here I lost my grand father because of terrorism in kashmir .. and trust me u do not need a homicide to be ruthless .. when lil kids were shot dead in wandhama .. u may still not call it a massacre .. but it was ruthless .. my uncle and aunt were abducted from home by terrorists in Kashmir .. and tortured to death .. in kashmir in 1989 .. it may not get classified as killing .. according to you coz ur community people were involved in it ... so what ever u wrote above is a total peace of crap .. kashmir was not like bihar or UP where people would be so willing to migrate .. it was heaven and still remains that for pandits like me .. so dont u dare call it voluntary .. it was forced .. bloody 1000 people shouting slogans againts india and pandit community per se .. and entering ur house and telling u leave this place by tomorrow night otherwise we will blow u .. would scare the shit out of any minority .. thats what u did to us .. so it is surely not voluntary .. get ur dictionary right .. and again u kill one person or kill 1000 .. killing is killing .. dont kill in the name of religion .. if u do .. it proves how ignorant u are .. is the point that is being made now .. god save us .. coz whatever one does comes back to u in whatever way .. and this what Holy Quraan as well as Bhagwat Gita says ...

Utkarsh 'Ace' G said...

Trading has begun across LOC in Kashmir . The Kashmiri muslims must be feeling happy, excited and great. They will now have the access to the pious produce of their religious fraternity. The quality or price will no longer be a concern. ...


Vikram Aditya said...

Yes, it is terrible, Utkarsh.
I hope when BJP comes to power they stop this trade fiasco. How can one trade with a terrorist country whose sympathizers are right here in Kashmir, India?

I perceive that the only morons who assosiate themselves with pakistan must be kashmiri muslims.We have to remember that koshur region of kashmir only forms 11 % of total kashmir land.Only kashmiris support yasin malik.No body cares about him in the northern areas(POK),jammu and ladakh..From day 1,pakistan ill treated the people of POK.Infact,pakistan treated baltistan and its people as object when it gave away whole of its land and people to china,thus displacing the people of ladakh and those of little tibet.Infact,those people even waged a jihad on pakistan.