Friday, October 17, 2008

Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani...

"Hum Pakistan hain, Pakistan hamara hai"

..So goes Syed Ali Shah Geelani, the grand old man of the Kashmiri seperatists struggle. But perhaps now, after his fifth operation, he will have to add 'par mera pacemaker hindustani hai'.

Mr Geelani recently had an operation in Delhi's Escorts hospital to have his pacemaker replaced. There can be little doubt as to who funded this operation in this top hospital of the Indian capital where not many of the cities residents itself would think of getting admitted due to the costs involved.
An artificial pacemaker regulates the heartbeat when the heart is unable to do it itself because of some reason.

Funny, because that seems the role of the Indian govt in the Kashmir struggle. India's various unwise decisions and refusal to learn from the mistakes of the past have often regulated the Kashmir struggle and helped it to grow.

So yes, perhaps Mr. Geelani is right in getting his pacemaker from India, after all the unwise decisions of the same govt have been regulated the heartbeat of the Kashmir struggle without which this so called struggle would have died out long ago.

Our only solace - atleast now Mr Geelani can also rightfully state - Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani!
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sandhya said...

But Gilani jee,though he doesnt deserve"jee", still my Indian values prompt me to write so, would say" dil to hai dil dil ka aitbar kya kijiye, aa gaya jo ek baar pakistan pe,haqiqat se sarokar kya kijiye"

actually, sometimes i do feel, my life would have been different and I would have gained more in terms of better job and financial gains had i been born as a kashmiri supporting pakistan and enjoying Delhi's appeasement.

only yesterday, I happened to look at the pictures of two trains running in kashmir and that between udhampur and pathankote.The one in kashmir looked at first like interior of an aeroplane and the other was just disgusting.

and I started pondering, what wrong we in jammu supporting India have done that we face such a shabby treatment.
This is the same country where hundreds of poor farmers commit suicide still they never utter a word against country and then there are ppl like Mr. gilani who carry pakistani flag in one hand and the indian currency recd as pension in another hand.
Mera Bharat Mahan and Dayavan

Anonymous said...

Apart from a pace maker,the bugger needs a peace maker too...
and Sandhya....India is at war with its civilizational thats why we pamper everyone from successionists to neo con liberals

A dejected Indian

Wahid said...

After looking at these lines below I can only think that you are so sick mind personality with no heart and brain, and this is a true statement.


Abid Gani said...

The Problem with hatemongers is that they cannot see ill people getting well.what a pity.

Anonymous said...

Abid and Wahid,

You Kashmiri Muslims are a classic case of "But humko kahen kaafir"
Beggars and leeches you are...

A True Indian Muslim

Abid Gani said...

You are cheap; as suggested by your article and now this comment.

We are most peaceful and want freedom. We follow the path of great Mahatma Gandhi.

Kashmiri Pandits are not required anywhere. Useless community..

Waseem said...

I agree with Wahid Sahib comments. It is every bodys right to choose where he can be treated well. perhaps Doctors at SKIMS has themselves adivised him to do so.

..if we go by the logic here, the Indian stalwarts like Nehru and others studied in Egland "Phir tou woh bi Angrazi hotey" he should codemn them and called them English as well. your cooments are just nonsense.

nerd said...

@Sandhya, the trains are so hi-fi because they are the latest not because they are for Kashmir.
@others, it is not that there is some problem among us 'hatemongers' with an ill person getting well, it is just mr geelani's hypocrisy that irks, on one hand he has a fierce anti-India stance in public and on the other hand he wants to get his treatment in a hospital in Delhi! He had originally wanted to go to America for treatment - another country he otherwise hates profoundly but has no problems using them to cure him....

sandhya mahajan said...

@ ners
agreed, but the train to udhampur dint start long back!
it also commenced just 2 years back
hope the same trains were avilable 2 years back as well
and even railway has accepted the discrimination and have forwarded a rquest to change it on this route as well
nationalists are taken for granted!

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