Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Asrar and the art of stone throwing

Asrar Mushtaq - killed by his friends

Kashmiri Muslims have acquired a fetish for demonstrations, stone throwing, vandalising and asking for Azadi on every possible pretext. We have seen how whole Kashmir was on streets when the Shopian rape and murder came to light.

The latest case was the case of murder of a boy named Asrar Mushtaq.The boy apparently went missing and everyone took to streets.Apart from throwing stones which has now become the favourite pastime of Kashmiri Muslims, cars were burnt, Hindus at Purshayar were forced to join the protests and shout “hum kya chahtee”,Kashmir’s only Coffee bar was CafĂ© Arabica was vandalised because it belonged to a non-Muslim.One can understand the agony over the death of a young man but Kashmiri Muslims today have to shout,scream,stone,stall,strike and call for Azadi even if someone is constipated.

Now as it turns out the boy was murdered by his friends because a Kashmiri Muslim girl earlier used to sleep with his friend and now was apparently sleeping with him. This infuriated Asrar’s friend so much that he tortured his friend to teach him a lesson. He tortured him and killed him and who knows then he also got to shouting “Hum Kya Chahte”. Do you believe it? It is all happening in “brand new Islamicized Kashmir” and what is Asiya Andrabi shouting at?

This tendency of equating everything with Azadi and throwing stones, burning and vandalising is slowly destroying the Kashmiri Muslims. We have already seen that drug abuse and prostitution is at an all time high in “the Islamicized valley”. It isn’t for anyone but for themselves that Muslims learn to behave civil or else they are sowing the seeds of tomorrow’s Afghanistan today.

Read Greater Kashmir report at - Friends Turned Killers


Rajesh said...

Well Said ! .It is a age old chronic disease which all KM's suffer from.Now should anybody ask these rabble rouser's especially PDP leaders what was this all about? This is naked example of their illogics and Govt's inability to tame such ruffians and political thugs.

RVR said...

Yes Asrar you have presented the happenings vividly. But I am worried like you how the problem will be resolved. It will be history. I have seen in my generation East & West Germany unite, peace in Vietnam, S.Korea living with independence, LTTE destoyed. But still wonder about people in Kashmir living in peace without fear. I am with you in your earnest feelings of solution there.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

i wonder y pepl ryt an article vn they r nt fully aware f d facts?? though i agree dt yes v kashmiris connected dz issue as well to d facts dt u hav ritn r completely rong..first of ol no kashmiri grl had slept vd them..plz try to use sum more appropriate n decent wrds..these grls wr chatting vd a delhi based grl,whom no1 had seen. secondly,no1 evr in kashmir forced ne hindu to join d protests.v unlike india dnt force pepl. n thirdly,u hav mentioned d t coffea arabica was burned coz d owner was non-muslim..i pity pepl like u,hu bcoz f thr ignorance misguide others as well. coffea arabica as well as sum petrol pumps n coffea robusta was also bunred..though they belonged to muslims only.
so nxt tym u ryt up ne article,plz first luk fr d facts

Ibn said...

my dear brother
it z not good to spreading wrong notion among people. your atcl is half truth and all half truth is dangerous since it deludes. my dear brother it is true that kashmiri wants freedom as well as peace in their state. but when anyone become obstacle they put stones on their hands and their only weapon is stones. because it is highest form of imman. u can't understand this until u cant see in ur eyes

Bekugalu said...

i suggest all kashmiri youth to look at how to build infrastructure to sustain themselves and their state. get good education to their children rather than loading their bags with stones to throw at the security forces.bring back the old glory of tourism. will the politicians militants and the brainwashed youth give a thought to it.