Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wanted-One more Liberhan

Picture Courtesy-KPSS,Srinagar

Finally, finally the Liberhan commission has submitted its report. It took the commission a good 17 years to furnish a report which was to be submitted in 6 months. On Dec 6,1992 Karsewaks brought down the disputed structure called Babri Mosque which has supposedly built by the barbaric Mughal Emperor Babar after demolishing an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Ram. This was done under the watchful gaze of the Congress government headed by P V Narshima Rao.

The day the disputed structure was demolished the very next the Govt of India instituted an enquiry commission under Justice Liberhan to find what exactly happened, what led to the demolition of the structure, who were the people responsible for the demolition of the structure.

In the November of 1986 dozens of temples were destroyed by the supporters of what is now called PDP in the south Kashmir district of Anantnag.Pandit women were raped, houses burnt and many Pandits were killed in these so called riots.Among the temples destroyed were the ancient shrines of Lord Shiva and the mother Goddess.

No Liberhan Commission was appointed then.

A certain Mufti Sayeed was known to be behind what had been done to Pandits.The same Mufti Sayeed later became a Home Minister.The same Mufti Sayeed later got his daughter kidnapped and released 5 dreaded terrorists in exchange for his daughter. But, more of it later.

After 1989 hundreds of temples have been either partially or completely destroyed, most have been desecrated and on their places now we have buildings and shopping complexes today. It was all common knowledge yet no Liberhan Commission was appointed.

Most Kashmiri Muslims blame Jagmohan for the exodus of Pandits.But the moment you ask them who broke these temples and who encroached the land or who defecated on an idol they have no Jagmohan to blame.But today it is not them but the Government of India that we are asking to get a Liberhan from somewhere to see who broke my gods.
If one Babri Mosque deserves a Liberhan,are Hindu temples in Kashmir so inconsequential that they don’t need a commission at all or do we have to presume Omar Abdullah’s Oscar Winning Speech in the Parliament as gospel truth that the Kashmiri Muslims broke no temples.Maybe I invented all the pictures that I am pasting here.

Maybe for Hindus no Liberhan is needed,maybe Omar Abdullah is too busy with something else,maybe he was abroad when those temples were broken,maybe he has partial amnesia.

There are too many Maybe’s, Maybe someday our broken gods may call a Liberhan…till then Saugandh Ram ki khatay hain hum mandir vaheen banayege…


shehjar said...

It happens only in India! Temples have bee destroyed and desecrated in scores in Kashmir. They were ancient temples and highly revered by the hindus of Kashmir. But, Indian Government remains deaf to the pleadings of Hindus. As my friend puts it - they are affected by the 'Goshtaba syndrome'.

Our demands fall on deaf ears. I dont even feel like living in my own country. The Government feels like an alien Government to me!


the ethical man said...

very rightly said..I just want to add to it that not just temples were broken in Kashmir and our women were raped and men were killed, but in whole of India Hindus were prosecuted to highest degree of cruelty.
The Indo gangetic plains the so called cradle of hindu civilisation has no ancient (1000 yrs or more)temples in our main cities, wven delhi does not have an ancient temples. (but we know that 24 Hindu and Jain temples were destroyed in Qutum minar area)
The west India the present pakistan and afghanistan (and parts of east iran)are the best examples of what happens when a civilisation is forcefully removed and is changed with barbarity.

Amit Deshpande said...

Hum tumhari tarah Mandir/Masjid nahi giraatey...

that was what Omar 'Oscar' Abdullah had said in the parliament... He was right. They dont just break temples, they rape women, confine them illegally, maim children, kill people. That is what he meant.

Janaab Omarsaaheb - just three generations ago before Sheikh Abdullah, your grandpa - your ancestors were worshipping the same temples as Kaul's and were praying for the safety of their future generations. BEWARE!

Varad Sharma said...

Ram Janambhoomi belongs to Hindus...and Ram Mandir should be build there!!!