Friday, May 18, 2007

A two year old Kashmiri Pandit boy,killed by the propounders of dark ages-What Jehad is this!


pooja said...

they who shot him dead,forgot he's no hindu... he was just a little child, who didnt even know which god to pray..

hw would have just always smiled at that reassuring touch of his mother's fingers.

pooja shali

Sanjay Koul said...

A two year old Kashmiri Pandit child being killed for being a Hindu and for being India.

Now you KM's don't tell me that he was an Indian Army agent.

kolohoi said...

No matter how much we pride ourselves for our software prowess and economic boom we will always be uncivilised,unevolved people till the time we dont treat such massacres with the seriousness they deserve and act to root this out.Our claims of being the largest democracy are nothing but hollow because there is no outrage/outcry following such senseless brutalities.They should shake our conscience to the core and if they dont there should be something seriously wrong with our souls.Let us get together for supporting the cause and showing solidarity to thousands of our brethren who have been butchered,physically and mentally.Let us all be there on the 20th and garner as much support as we can.Let us save ourselves from an imminent extinction.

Manish Mattoo

Sunil said...

The murderers of Kashmiri Pandits are moving free and on the other hand the political parties of our country are making a hue and cry on the so caled fake encounters in Gujarat . Even today the political parties of this country are demanding compensations for the Gujarat riots victims.But why are they silent on the issue of Kashmiri Pandits who are living as refugees in their country from the past 17 years. Why are they having these double standards??
..... Now it is a high time for the political parties of this country to shun the vote bank politics. If they don't do it now then the future of this country is in dark.
It is also a high time for the Hindus of this country to come forward and help the Kashmiri Pandit community to get back their homeland. They will have to stand with the Kashmiri Pandits in getting justice. If the Hindus of this country don't do it now,then what happened to Kashmiri Pandits in the past can happen to them also.
Its also time for some sections of Kashmiri Pandits who have only exploited the Kashmiri Pandit cause for their own interests to wake up and fight for their community honestly.


Satish Kaul said...

The world was watching silently exodus of Kashimiri Pandits from their homeland. It is a shame that even the people in our own country are not aware about the situation in Kashmir.

The only reason of getting killed and thrown out of Kashmir by the hands of terrorists was that we refused to say even a single word against our motherland.

We have paid a heavy price for being true Indians. Let every citizen of India understand that and join hands with us against our struggle for getting our place back in Kashmir with dignity and honour.

Let us all join hands to teach these "Gaddars" a lesson.

Good Luck to us !!!!!

Anonymous said...

The problem of Kashmiri Pandits is very complex.India for sure has used and abused them time and again.Isnt it time that the leadership of KPs decides that they should talk to thier Muslim brethern and go back to the valley.I would personally welcome that move.Kashmiris in general have gained nothing out of hate for each other.It is time for Kashmiris to unite.

A True Kashmiri

Anonymous said...

Which brethren ? They are Killers ...nothing less

Shali Amit said...

Those Barbarians don't have any ethics or values, a toddler too is a target for them. They are blinded by their ignorance & foolishness. This guirella war that they are waging against the kashmiris & the whole world, is not going to lead them anywhere, except for a sure shot place in hell. They should all be extracted from their holes, & tortured to death. That will be both salvation & justice for them..........

Anonymous said...

i have always admired Pandits.Many of my friends are still pandits.I really want you to come back.This is your are welcome

Yasin Ahmed Dar

Anonymous said...

Muslims can never be trusted...they are back stabbers

Rahul Singh

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother Yasin,

Aadab !

Looking at your statement we can say with proud that KASHMIRYAT is still alive in Kashmir.

We really appreciate your gesture.
If future generation of Kashmir thinks on your lines, We will definitely make our mauj Kashir, Jannat-e-Benazir once again.

Khuda appkay aur Hamaray Khawaboon ko sharmanda e taebeer kare....


Satish Kaul

Amit Tikoo said...

Why doesn't a KM cry hoarse when a terrorist kills his kin or abucts his family. After all terrorists killed more muslims than hindus in the valley.
Are common people afraid or has gun culture become a way of life....just like....afghanistan.
I actually doubt that a common KM wants to understand or comprehend anything beyond islam. And wahabi islam says death to kafirs, where does that leave us????????

Anonymous said...

This is nothing new in Kashmir. Indian army kills day in and day out Kashmir children born or in monther's womb.
Some pandits are hell bent on creating a divide between muslims and pandits and these images are just adding oil to fire.
Pandits are part and parcel of Kashmir a fact that cannot be denied and one would be living in fools paradise if we dienied that fact. But repeating what happened in 80's doesnt help anyone as things have been happening to us till today. There is a world of difference about these incidents and the incidents that have occured by the hands of indian army but we are still ready to welcome pandits with open arms. Its unfair to punish Kashmiri muslims and call them back stabbers etc etc.. and we all know that is not true and cannot be. Ask yourself. If you start this hate campaign then where does that leave us common kashmiris? Please fulfill your agenda and go ahead.

Nazir Dilsoz

Pamposh colony

Anonymous said...

Dear Nazir,

If someone calls muslims as back stabbers it is his opinion.As far as I have read and seen this blog..i havent found anything which is dergoratory to Kashmiri Muslims in general.The images are anything but generate sympathy.Whosoever has designed this blog has been careful not to ruffle feathers with Muslims.
I am not a Kashmiri but know a lot of Kashmiris and it is true that pandits were selectively targetted and forced to flee.Welcome them to the land they fled from.
Rebuilt their houses and temples..that can be the first gesture in my opinion.

Nisha Gupta

VITASTA said...

well, what seems to be failed attempt for others, we see it as a successful attempt and a fair deal. what maters is the zeal and urge to do the unexpected.
bravo, my brethren....!!!!
its something we should have started doing long back but never the late.
welcome all comments, fair or unfair; favoring or opposing.
doesn't matter what they say, what matters is what we do and we are at it,,,until we achieve what we want....OUR RIGHT; JUSTICE.

mauls said...

Those who killed this little innocent boy are BASTARDS...i am sorry to use this foul word..i couldnt hold back my tears for the kid and these words for the killers! why do good'n'innocent people suffer always and the bad ones get away with it most of the "GOD" there to take any acion on such sinful activities!

Anonymous said...

i understand that killing of this little boy is totally inhuman but why dont KP's look at what the security forces have done in kashmir.for the sake of argument i agree that kashmiri muslims where the terrorists but what about those sisters & mothers who were raped & burnt alive.what about those school going children who were killed without any count..i agree these millitants are headless beings but what will u call those who were deployed to save the common kashmiri..
& for you miss pooja why arent your eyes turning towards those kashmiri muslim babies who were killed in their mothers womb. or being a kp u call them terrorists too.. if this documentary was supposed to be for a KASHMIRI then it was supposed to show both faces.. not a part of it to collect sympathy..


Vitasta said...

well well well, now don't preach about being unbiased. i wonder where u were when Jashn-e-azadi was being screened? were u in the audience or just sobbing for what u lost their? i didn't see u screem there, for that movie actually was biased. but why would u, anyways?
and besides, tigerwood, we do know what is happening in kashmir with people, but who do u blame it for? is it us who raped ur daughters or killed ur babies in wombs? and if its army, who asked them in. it was becuse u made them to be there.
everything comes to a single point--its jaisi karni waisi barni...
ur daughters have been raped by ur very own rented terrorists or ur jihadi bhais. have u taken that ever into notice?

Anonymous said...

terrorism kills not only human beings but with it every aspect of humanity.Wonder why till now no KM has come forward to raise his or her voice in support of a KP community?.Fact remains that a KP is no longer wanted in kashmir and with the fundamentalism on the rise i am sure no KP would like to settle with them .We want our Homeland back where there is humanity,love,compassion and love for other religion and trust me we will get it ..............WITH PRIDE AND DIGNITY

lotus said...

Dear sir
Please not that i myself had seen the bloody holi of pakistan militants-when i visited the sangrama massacre of hindus -i very well remember the faces of innocent kids dead under the covers of blankets -blood oozing out from their dead bodies-their innocent faces of childhood-what was their mistake-
I dont know remember the faces of victims whom i had seen killed brutally by the militants.
It is the hindu community only who suffer still -in the languisihed camps of jammu.See the obituary column of jammu dailies-how many are dying daily due to unknowm cliamatic changes in their life cyles.
The day will not be far when kashmiri pandits will become extinct community on this planet.

thanking you

Kamal Pandita

kamal said...

Dear all
Selfish are the so called leaders of kashmiri hindus who always cry for the sake of their own under the name of kashmiri migrants.What hell does those leaders have done for the people living in camps.Is any leader living in any camp.
They have made their own life lavish with begging bucket of kashmiri migrants.
They live abroad ,their kins got a bright future by using the tag of migrant.
Still they cry they never want to return to kashmir,they always oppose this.
Suffers are the poor inmates who are languised in slums of camps their kids-old persons who are dying by seconds in the basking sands of jammu soil-with no resources of reach their life is still hell with no ray of hope of future.See camp dwellers begging for ration/ex-gratia in stroking sunny heats at the releif counters.....alas future is uncertain courtsy to our so called leaders functioned under various migrant banners...

with all love for my community brothers who are suffering since 1990 out side vale of kashmir

a suffer

WITH love

Recong-Peo-Kinnaur Himachal

Anonymous said...

Such a brutal act.... Bloody fuckers did not even spare that small kid....None of these Muslims will get a respectable death