Friday, May 18, 2007

Unheard Agony-The fateful Night

Brijnath Betab's poem titled Maet-aab. A sombre but forceful description of the fateful night when loudspeakers from all mosques and city centers were pronoucing "death to infidels" and "defiling of their women"....
A poet in despair,fear,agony,disbelief......murmurs the night as the morning refuses to come by..... Full text ...please read on.....
(transliteration by the poet himself)

From sleep, deep, I was waken,
Like a fire blast on an iceberg, a thunder;
Some whisper, this dark night, spread apace
What happened oh friend, I wonder?
This night to me appears with a different face.

This night has a different contour
This night has changed its glance
This night made me bolt every door
This night death and destruction dance
This night shivers with havoc roar

This night is darkened by lawlessness
This night is the night of a destruction trail
This night inflicted death blow on my children
This night I weep in helplessness.
This night my nerves fail

This night, death looms large on every road,
Laying a siege for someone in his room
Putting a trap for someone at his abode
This night has broken all my fallacies
This night has moved from dark to doom.

This night is the night of rejoice for ‘brides’
This night is for ‘bridegrooms’ the night of hope
Witness this night, the dance, Tandava;
This night is the night to ponder
This night shall re- write our horoscope?

This night the Kouravas are terrifying
This night the Pandavas are vulnerable
This night has to re-write Ramayana for us
This night is the night of the ‘last crack of dawn’
This night is the night of human fuss.

This night sleep not please
This night, may be, has to dispossess
This night, may be, grants something to us
This night pray for your safety
This night defend your integrity.

This night has to test the neighbors
This night is the night of ‘last dawn’
This night catch at any straw, brave fears
This night shall test your brain and brawn &nbs p; This nigh is the night of nightmares

This night is different
Nothing tonight is advantageous
The people around have altered
This night nothing belongs to us
This night, oh friend, Betab’s voice faltered

This night,
I hold in support
My blood soaked Phiran,
As the night shall move again
To some safe heaven,
Crying in pain.

Bandaging the blood oozing wounds
This night shall now flee away,
Far away, far far away and far away,
Tomorrow of course when the morning breeze
Shall come to enquire about us
Scattered we shall be
Like a chopped off body.

In the deserts
Devastated as we shall be
Holding our back
To the support of huge stones
Under the blistering heat
In the open,
This city of our ancestors
Shall look like a town of ghosts.

That night,
Saving my life
I fled
That nigh,
My nightmares began
That night,
Started the process
Of my family’s disintegration
That night,
I left my home and hearth
That night,
I left the place of my birth
That night
I brought my body
That limps today
That night,
I left my soul there.
Scattered in pieces today
Through the globe,
I recall that horrifying night.
That night,
Darkness engulfed in the skies blue
My future hope for sunshine bright
That night,
I lost everything dear
That night,
I lost my relations near
That night,
The night, stood in front of me
Lurking in horror and fear
That night,
With loom, doom and gloom
I fled and left my whole there,
That night,
I left my soul there.


sunil said...

The millitancy in Kashmir and the subsequent exodus and daylight murder of Kasmiri Pandits is one of the living examples of Real Genocide in Modern Time.

It is Shame on Indian Govt.& People in particular and world at large to allow this Genocide to continue and be a Mute spectators.

The worst part of the Genocide was that it was well controlled, calibrated and conceived by Pakistan the Hub of Jihadi fundamentalism.

It is the time for world to get awakened against this new monister.

Pawan said...

The Jehadis Killed us, the Govt of india ignored us.....who committed a greater sin ?

Just wondering ?

Sanjay Koul said...

Kashmiri Pandits (KP's) have suffered in Kashmir for being pro Indian, for being a Hindu, for being anti-pakistan, for being anti aazadi. KP's were forced to flee kashmir to save their life and honour leaving their home and all belongings. The reward they got from GOI for all this is refugee camps with inhuman conditions to live in, forced to live in a tent in these camps in open sun and total neglect / lack of concern from GOI. The tragedy is that GOI is pleeding militant groups to talk to them but does not show any concern for the people who stood by India and suffered at the hands of these very militants (like of yasin malik and bitta karate) who mercilesly killed KP's

Rajesh said...

Who will forget that fateful night we suffered. I have a faith that one day, the worst than we faced will happen to them.

Anonymous said...

beautiful poem..but it does not mention jagmohan asked u to leave...

Manzoor Kashmiri

Anonymous said...

The time is not far way when the wise kashmiri Muslims will raise their voice against the 'so called jehadis' and wipe them out of the universe. The 'terrorist' should understand that they wil have to face extinction like Taliban very soon.
May Allah bring qayamat to these so called ' Jehadis' as they have destroyed the cultural ethos of our Reshi Waer. ....Aamin !!!! Suma Aamin !!!......True Son Of Kashmir

Anonymous said...

Manzoor Bhai,
You should ask this question to yourself first and then ask the Pandits.... Pandits were killed and they had to leave Kashmir to save their honour and diginity...It is a myth created by the 'militant organisations' that Jagmohan asked Pandits to leave..If any of your religious saints or leaders will ask to leave Kashmir ? Will you leave ????? You should change your mindst and ask God to give you more light and wisdom......You should accept facts rather than remain in the dark age. Pl do not tarnish the image of kashmiri Qaum by asking such silly questions. You should accept the fact that even the muslims were forced to leave Kashmir......Who asked Muslims to leave kashmir .... jagmohan or who ???? Ask this question to your zaat. May God bless you !!!! Parvez Qadri

Anonymous said...

They are still in awe of Jagmohan for he did not papmer the masses .

And they do not realise that killing is a sin with people like Yasin malik and Bitta Karate being regarded as Heroes..

Shame on the society which has such heroes

sharat said...

this all remids me what i see in 1990. this was the reason why we fled from kashmir . this also reminds us of what jammu people teases us . we all have wailed but it was blessing of grat saints of kashmir that we still have maintain our slef respect .

sunil said...

Charles de Gulla once said,

The future of the country is uncertain if the refugees are among its own citizens.

The same stands true for Mera Bharat Mahan.

ashish of barzulla said...

kashmiri muslims will realize their blunders, but then it will be too late.

pakistani phatans are only after beautiful kashmiri muslim females

ashish of barzulla said...


pooja said...

i can see the day.. when dehjour and warm pheryan clad pandit women shall be walkin happily alongside the dal...

i can...

ashish of barzulla said...

kashmir without kashmiri pandits will be like Hell.

kashmiri muslims MUST understand that all these high profile ex militants are purchased commodities of Indian government.

Hard core are purchased by Pakistani agenices.

Playing with the emotions of common KM.
Dont get mis guided by ISLAM IS IN DANGER. ISLAM is in danger.. because of Bitta karate and Yasin Murderer Malik.

kashmir-interchange said...

Yasin Malik is doing GANDHIGIRI, he was on hunger strike to protest against human rights violation in kashmir. Human rights violation by Indian Army. Who is the human rights violator Yashi Malik, who killed 7 unarmed Air Force Men waiting for the bus and many innocent Kashmiri Pandits just because they were Indians or The Indian Army. YASIN MALIK is free, he can go any were he has no fear. This is THE GREAT INDIAN DEMOCRACY.


Amal said...

Yasin Malik is doing GANDHIGIRI, he was on hunger strike to protest against human rights violation in kashmir. Human rights violation by Indian Army. Who is the human rights violator Yashi Malik, who killed 7 unarmed Air Force Men waiting for the bus and many innocent Kashmiri Pandits just because they were Indians or The Indian Army. YASIN MALIK is free, he can go any were he has no fear. This is THE GREAT INDIAN DEMOCRACY.


arpita said...

If violence is there weapon ,
Then peace is our weapon.
If hate is there religion,
Then love is our religion.


Anonymous said...

I think all kashmiri muslims have to introspect and then feel the kind of blunder that they have done by supporting so called jehadis....

Militancy in Kashmir was actually blessing in disguise for PUNDITs and have created respect in the corporate world...

Every1 who has supported and who is supporting the so called jehad, the time left for them to SAVE our KASHMIR is very less....


ashish of barzulla said...

conrties like new zealand , australia and certain european countries are requested to allow willing kashmiri pandits boys and girls migrate to their respective countires as we have no TRUST on Indian state /nation .

They have no policy for peace loving people. We dont take up GUNS , thats why we are not heard.
HELP us to emigrate to your countries , we will be an asset not a liability, We are not osama , we are peace loving people. Indian is third grade country .

The politicians are GANGSTERS here.

Panun Kashmir said...

The pandits would be free for these Jehadis , they would have their own homeland called Panun Kashmir

Anonymous said...

This poem reflects exactly what every kashmiri pandit felt when he had to leave his motherland, when he had to see his nears and dears blood laddden in front of him.......
I know for sure that what has happened to KASHMIRI pandits , worse will happen to the so called 'JEHADI's' and their supporters............
God is never unjust....
I have full faith one day will come when we'll get bach our Paradise....One day will come........

I have

hazeen_hasrat said...

will enter soon

Sabyasachi Chatterjee said...

The matter in getting more & more grouchy as the hostility on Kashmiri Pandits are increasing by leaps & bounds.
The everyday stories of newer styles of tortures are being hidden by the media & the public authorities.
The military presence is then good for nothing, if this goes on! Daily hundreads of innocent people of our land will be victimised by some hoodlums, & we have all to sit idle as lookers on, that's utterly funny.
I don't know, how this deaf & dump government will look into the matter leaving their narrow political interest, is not known. but if there is national voice from all fronts, something can be done, I believe.
Also, the Government must have to take its positive position to support these victims & fecilitate the environment so that these tomented people can apply their national rights with dignity, they must get back their homes, they must not depend upon political doles that are provided by some others.
Why is there no proper investigation about why this is happening for such a long period? Why they are still being tortured? Who are the culprits to snatch away the minimum social justice from these Kashmiri pandits? What our gallant armymen are doing so far?
The Government & all the political parties having solemn commititments to keep our land's integrity must have to answer these questions. NDA, UPA, the Sate Government of Jammu & Kashmir & all other national parties must get together to come to a common minimum programme to secure our citizens.
My message to our youth to cry havock against these anti-national & anti-humanity groups in Kashmir.

VITASTA said...

Can’t assess what lies in the minds of the politicians. After all they are politicians; only dirty things can be expected from them. Because if it were for their interest they would have well started in atleast late 80's when they knew about suspicious movements in the valley; the infiltrations and other anti-national movements. They were well-informed. Can’t understand what that meant politically to allow such things happen despite INTELLIGENT intelligence. The centre (Rajiv Gandhi) was informed before hand but it was too busy to attend to such things.
And just imagine you suddenly seeing people in your home without your knowledge. Is that credible? It must have been that you kept the doors and windows open and didn't care to be vigilant of your cunning neighbor or there could be someone in your home who opened the doors. Who do you blame then? Your cunning neighbor would always be looking for such an opportunity, why wouldn't he avail that, at first chance? Who's responsible?
But it’s not the only fact to ponder upon. What lies ahead is what we must be concerned with now. The flame has been ignited and only perseverance is needed.
Bravo my people, embark on the untreated path. We are with you. Keep it up. We will win, WARKAAR.

geetika said...

guys...this poem somewhere touches the soul of all kashmiri pandits however neutral or apolitical they might claim to be.....its our generation which feels terribly rootless and lost when asked about our identity our culture our history which ironically is appreciated a lot all over the world......our youth is confused and faces terrible identity crises...we belong to a place from which we were kicked out.....and nobody bothered........rather no body a school girl i had tough time explaining to people that jammu and kashmir are separate....everything was done to confuse the situation more..even though i was young i realised the strategic use of words like 'minority', 'victims'and ‘freedom fighters’ in quite an ambigous manner which would reveal absolutely nothing about the actual state of things.....

VITASTA said...

An urge to relate to roots,
An urge to be in the laps of mother.
An attempt to over bear the agony,
An attempt to get it over and forever.
A pain of exile to overcome,
A pain of unrelatedness shown,
A sense of belonging to revive,
A sense of ownership to reclaim.
Come on, my men of strength !! You still have lots to do,
Before finally sitting to cherish acclaims and miniscule achievements and intelligence,
For my brother, intelligence not used is like unused and hidden treasure.
Explore and exploit you power and strength,
To embark on yet untreated path …
Claim your land, your own motherland,
To show where we belong,
For this is which is ours …
Very own….
But remember…
There’s none to stand with you, still my dear, don’t frail,
Don’t give up, don’t stop.
You have that power with you, power of youth and power of faith, faith in your strive.
This is the time to express, express your long kept silence in actions.
Actions that will speak for your strength and power.
The silence that until now world kept,
Ought to be broken by your actions and faith.
So come on my brave, let’s show the world,
Together we were and together we will be
United we were and united we will be.
Remember ….
For if its not now, it never would be again.

Anonymous said...

Well this is the begining of the long drawn battle and believe me we will give these terrorists and GOI run for their money.......I can see there are still Bhagat this world.

Anonymous said...

Very powerful and straight from heart.

Sangarmaal said...

Kashmir Pre 1990: India wins a cricket match - Kashmiri Pandits were targeted. India loses a match - KP's were targeted.
India's Independence Day or the Republic Day - Kps were targeted!
WHY?????? Just because KP's believed in India and its secularism.
What did we get in return?
WE BECAME REFUGEES IN OUR OWN COUNTRY! Bitta Karate and Yasin Malik are enjoying the hospitality of Indian Government while we are languishing in the refugee camps.

Why? Why?? Why???

ashish of barzulla said...

kashmiri muslims must understand that yasin mailk is a double agent. He plays politics over dead bodies.

He visits grave yards at eid gah , but even his under garments are sponsored by Govt of India.


Anonymous said...

Yasin Malik is the hero of all Kashmiri's....He will get us fredom from you bloody Indian's...

Kashmir will get independence with or without the traitor Pandits !

Amin !

Mushtaq - Lover of Freedom

Anonymous said...

Yasin Malik is a Indian Puppet.He has been created just to counter the movement of Pro-Pakistani Groups in the valley.He is being paid for this.

He is a bloody killer and will lead you all to Graveyards.
Get rid of him otherwise it will be too late for you.

May God Bless You all .

Anonymous said...

Mushtaq Bhai,

U know who are the real because you brought outsiders to kashmir and became slaves.because of one kick on your asses you changed your religion.
now u will get freedom...surely from this world and leave among houris as your God has promised


Rakesh Bhat

ashish of barzulla said...

mustaq-lover of freedom.

The Indian security forces will kill people like you.

And do you mean, Indian will give Kashmir to kashmiris on a platter.

You are living in a fools paradise.

All kashmiri muslims have to convert again to pandits.

Anonymous said...

Sheer frustation.Deep inside kp's know that they will never see a sunrise in kashmir. you know what you guys are now.. NOMADS...Govt of India is releasing guys like yasin Malik,shabir Shah,bitta Karate and many others who according to you were hardcore they are the leaders.
who do you guys think is to blame. a common kashmiri or the Indian Govt.Indian Govt has done NOTHING for kp's.cuz your problems have been dragged into politics adays your issue only comes up at the time of elections.otherwise you are dead for them the rest of time.Accept the fact that if India wants it can fix those guys in a single blow but it isnt.. WHY..? God knows..


Aneel said...

World watching this slaugther house called kashmir made by Jehadis

And The World Remaind Silent

Jehad destroyed hope, kills joy, and corrodes the chance of Perfect kashmiryat.

Hear how my sighs are echoed of the wind;
See how my tears are pitied by the rain;
Feel what a flame possess├ęd hath my mind;
Taste but the grief which I possess in vain.

The pain of blanket of being thrashed from kashmir has despair slowly smothering me.

They say they halted, but again and again their actions faulted. trying to thwart off suicide bombers (fidyains), we're ending up with a world of no hope.

And the world remaind Silent

Cry of pain floats on the wind.
Echoing from the ridge,
Calling for aid and comfort, but alas,
The spans too wide to bridge.

Suvie said...

Yes Mr Anonymous, Jagmohan wisely asked us to leave & we heeded. What about the selected killings of our brothers n sisters, how u terrorised us?? The cries from the mosques "nale takdir aalho akbar, aise gache kasheer batava rostoi batinav saan"! Hv u forgotten the pamplets out on the every wall "Pandits Leave kashmir within 24 hrs"!!
& Jagmohan incited us to leave!!

Shame on liars!!

Vijay Kaul/ Maharaj Ganj/ SRINAGAR/KASHMIR said...

Jihad has been terrible for the Kashmiris. The monster has made
the Kashmiris living in Kashmir
sick emotionally, mentally and intellectually.

Kashmiri Pandits/Hindus have paid a price of a different kind. They have lost their homeland. Their ancestral homes have been encroached, entire localities have been razed to ground and ancient temples, the common heritage of every Kashmiri, have been desecrated.

There's distinct difference in the fundamental Kashmiri Hindu and Kashmiri Muslim belief. Kashmiri Pandits say " Let knowledge come from all sides". The Muslim has a handicap, knowledge is frozen in content and the direction that it may come from. This is a insurmountable difference. It's potentially as different as "DAY" is from "NIGHT"

vitasta said...

well said suvie, if jagmohan is to blamed for our exodus, who r to blamed for killings done in late 80's? was it jagmohan the other way instructing how to execute it? i wonder why KMs don't hjave the guts to say openly that yes they killed KPs because they were hindus and wanted their exodus so they could claim the whole earth. but may i tell u, my dear former neighbour, we are going to saty here forever. no matter what the govt has in mind, we the new generation will take revenge of every drop of tear shed in remeberance of shahid KPs and in yearning of going back to our own motherland. don't worry, we r here. and we know the way.

yemberzal said...

its really a shame on part of govt that despite all facts and figures open to them they are still under some influence, or say some jodh,as they say in kashmiri. as in pujab, when they wanted to get rid of them, they could in just a few days, wasn't a big deal in kashmir anyways. but they also have some plan in their minds, some viscious plan, that poor, bewakoof KMs can't understand and get carried away.

Vitasta said...

not a big deal for sure. but, yemberzal, see the way KMs are reacting. they got carried away with the howls across the line and are now getting carried away with waht GOI is telling them. i wonder, why they spare Yasin and Bitta like terrorists. the killers who claimed so many lives were scraming against KPs and GOI until yesterday and now c they are moving under the banner and protection of GOI. isn't this a shame on them as well?they don't know what they want from their lives!!!! so amazing!!! why don't u punish them, dear old neighbours? haven't they betrayed ur fanatic Jihad? how could u be so forgiving? oh yes, i understand u r killers of only innocent people and not of killers.

Come back to Paradise.... said...

This is blog is getting very hot!!
All of us have suffered.....muslims as well as pandits.....we had to get freedom from the clutches of Indian government....and someday we will....

But let me tell you are inherently a coward could not resist at that time when some of your people were killed ...many more kashmiri muslims were killed and raped and that killing and raping is continuing till date.....

You were blinded then also by Indian government and you remain so till hardly have any idea how much we suffered these 18 years....

So stop this bull shit.....only a handful of you guys are now in bad plight......that too government will take care..
But what about the daily killings and rapes that Honourable Indian army commits in our and your Paradise!!

Leaving your emotions aside....learn to see other view point as well......

And stop this bull shit that is going on in this blog....better open up a friendly blog rather than of hatred and share your connections of past.....

Whoever has started this blog is a very negative person....who dwells in past.....
We Kashmiri Muslim bloggers are talking about our current plight and we are raising voice for it to stop..!!

Finally, read my identity above...!

vitasta said...

My dear "come back paradise',,,..probably u are blinded by ill faith..then by pakistan who misguided u into jihad of dark destiny and now by ur inhibitions. We are well aware of what happened with u all these years. ur women, who also belong to us(they are after all our own kashmiri daughters) were raped by the same people u were giving shelter to, ur children killed, infrastucture broken down, and everything shattered. its not what we asked u to do.
i remember one of our muslim neighbour lady telling my mom that if she sends her daughters for jehadi jalsas they won't be even touched. two days later i was sent to jammu. Among such skeptical and uninhabitable conditions, would anyone have stayed back? many had been killed and many scared away. We agree we couldn't take guns, so how would have v stayed back when evrything was uncertain.
U saying atill women are raped,,,who rapes them? is it only army?
And who r u going to get freedom from? Ha ha ha. Ur going to end up no where with this attitude.

ashish of barzulla said...

come back to paradise.

You have ruined the world famous dal lake. You don`t like kashmir.

You want to make it hollow and then hand it over to india.

In the end kashmiri pandits will rule kashmir and we all will urinate on bitta karates grave yard , who is now on indian pay roll.
He will die a wild dog`s death with not even one Kashmiri muslim around him.

Kahmiri pandits will then burn him in nearest shamsham ghat.