Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dainik Jaagran Expose on Yasin Malik

Sad as it may sound,the incisive reportage by a Dainik Jaagran correspondent might just end up as another news story.In all probability Yasin Malik will continue to be what we call in Hindi"Sarkar ka Daamad".He enjoys Indian Security,Prime Minister's Attention and Petro Dollars despite him having raped,killed,maimed,kidnapped innocent people.
If the Kashmir Division of MHA can be so brazen so as to say,"We have no information on cases related to Malik" what action can one expect.The Indian State has fallen to a level where it believes that Yasin Malik is their "best bet" to buy peace in valley.They protect him in whatever manner they can.He has been released on bail-a bail no one in government could explain.I wonder how many people who have a criminal record as glorious as Malik would be in his position.
To add to that they have issued him a passport which is a clear violation of Passport Act 1967.Our judiciary ,human rights groups and social activsts were so prompt and responsive about Gujarat Riots but continue a mute on this man.And this time around I dont wonder why.I know why.....


Anonymous said...

I am on old man and have been following your activities for a long time.No matter what you young people do,Kashmiri Pandits will be ungrateful and disconnected.
You may not like it but we deserve worser treatment,all because of our own sins and bull headedness.You can lay down your lives and Pandits will not be bothered.They are self centered and only worry about themselves.
I am not a frustated old man as you may think but someone who has himself burnt his fingers after these wretched self centered Pandits.
Good Luck to you.

A Pandit

shallabh said...

You are pandit or a believer of ISLAM or terrorist religion...